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Editorial | Protecting the teachers

The plight of a teacher and a popular television program have become among the most shared issues online after relatives of a child went to the program accusing the teacher of maltreating their child.
Based on the footage shown, the teacher was forcing the child, a Grade 2 pupil, to sit outside the classroom for his failure to bring his report card, which, to the relatives, was a humiliation on the part of the child.

The digital natives then supported the teacher and bashed the television program after the program host made the teacher choose what consequence she wanted for her action: the desire of the mother of the child that she lose her license to teach or face the relatives in court. The teacher chose the mother’s desire.

Among those who supported the teacher was a lawyer who volunteered legal services in case a case is filed against her.

Of course, the past cannot be compared with the present, as in the past, students would not just be made to sit outside the classroom but would be made to carry something heavy under the heat of the sun if they committed the slightest of mistakes.

Also, in the past, teachers were regarded as “second parents” as they were entrusted to help the children not only to learn but also to become better citizens.

Another point is that, although it is also hard to conclude whether the action of the teacher could not compensate the humiliation it brought to the young mind, but the fact is that at present, teachers have the fear that anything they do that will not sit well with their students might cost them their jobs.

In light of this case, there must be policies that must be crafted to protect teachers against those who might harbor animosity against them for as long as they do not go beyond the bounds of what is acceptable. The role of the teachers in society cannot be overemphasized.


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