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Editorial: Prosperity consciousness

“Prosperity is a way of living and thinking and not just having money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking and not just a lack of money and things.”

– Eric Butterworth, author of motivational books and Unity minister (1916-2003)

Everything starts with a dream. We had the pleasure of interviewing remarkable people over the years and their stories always begin with “I had a dream.”  This seed was planted into their consciousness and somehow, all their succeeding actions led them to achieving what they now enjoy. Their dreaming never stops, it pushes them to do greater things as they make even bigger dreams.

Mr. Warka Adala, a psychic healer who recently made Davao City one of his places for healing, next to Zamboanga City and Manila, brought up the topic of prosperity thinking when he was in the city last week. He candidly told us that he does not ask payment for his healing because he is rich and whatever donation he receives is more than enough for him to live an abundant and fulfilled life.

At the core of this concept, Warka said, is that a person has to be content with the things that one has and enjoy a balanced life that enables a person to have equal measures of work and relaxation. What good does it do a man if he has all the wealth in the world but could not see the sunrise or hear the singing of the cicadas at the gathering dusk?

Prosperity is not having more money but a way of thinking.

The internet provides so many links on prosperity consciousness and they all expound on the same theme. Everything starts in the mind and you cannot change your life unless you change the way you think. When we wake up in the morning, for instance, the first thing that crosses our mind is the schedule for the day and the many tasks that have to be done. We forget to get in touch with ourselves even if only to say “All is well,” giving our body and soul a little more time to relax.

Over the weekend, let us try to explore and practice prosperity consciousness to help us navigate with happiness and joy the life that we are given.


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