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Editorial | A treasure

Last weekend, evaluators from the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Organization were in Mati City to see for themselves the status of Pujada Bay and assess whether it could qualify to be included in the list of the most beautiful bays.

The evaluators made the trip after the city and provincial governments lobbied for the inclusion of the bay in the list of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, a prestigious distinction.

Although the two evaluators did not say whether the bay would qualify to be included in the lists they have yet to finalize their report, in their words, the bay went beyond their expectations, although they did not qualify their statement.

However, they noticed some garbage in some parts of the islands within the bay, an indication that visitors, as the islands are sparsely populated, are discriminately throwing their wastes.

Taking into account the comments of the evaluators, it would be best for local government units within the bay to come up with key measures that will preserve itself and so its destruction is prevented.

Setting aside the prestige the recognition would bring – as well as the possible tourism revenues that can go with it – this generation must remember that the bay is a treasure handed to it by the previous generation. Sustaining its beauty and status is what it owes the incoming generations.


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