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Editorial: 3 more days to go

We only have three more days to go before we cast our ballots and choose the people whom we believe can uplift our lives and steer the country forward. Three more days to go before the streets can be clean again and the ear-splitting rekorida of political groups campaigning at all times of the day will be silenced.

Tomorrow, the political aspirants who have worked hard to meet and shake hands with constituents, will finally take a much needed breather hoping that they have won the confidence of the people that will translate into votes and ultimately, a fresh term as public servants. Our vote is our voice in a democracy. It is our responsibility to choose our leaders and a large part of our being a citizen. We should exercise it at all cost otherwise, there will only be a few number of people choosing the country’ leaders.

The Philippine Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting has provided tips that will help the voter on election day. First, the voter must ensure that he is at the right place by looking at the name in the voters list posted near the precinct. Voting times is from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. so it is better to come early to avoid the heat and the rush of other voters. A list of candidates for personal guidance is allowed but one cannot bring campaign materials. When the ballot is received, it should be new and untampered.

During actual voting, no one else is allowed to see your ballot. Protect it using the Comelec ballot secrecy folder and do not take photos or makes copies of your ballot. Shade the circles properly using the Comelec marker. Do not write anything else on the ballot to ensure that the machine can properly read your votes. Don’t tear, smudge, or crumple your ballot.

Your vote counts.


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