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Army confident May elections will be safe

The 10th Infantry Division said that they are expecting a peaceful election this year as they have not monitored any reports of the New People’s Army demanding a permit-to-campaign and permit-to-win fee from candidates.

Capt. Jerry Lamosao, the 10th ID spokesperson, said they are closely monitoring NPA activity from the start of the gun ban on Jan. 13.
“But we are saying for those who have filed for a certain position to be extra careful every time we are checking on them if they have received or there is related text messages or indecent proposals relating to permit to campaign,” Lamosao said.
He attributed the mass surrenders of regular NPA members, Militiang Bayan, Sangay ng Partido sa Lokalidad, most especially the underground mass organization members as likely the reason why the far-flung communities are very silent now.
But he urged candidates to report any attempt of extortion by the NPA.
“We are asking them if they could see such activity on the permit to campaign and win, please report it to the authorities in the area so that we can prevent their plans,” he further said.
He said both the military and the police are working closely together to ensure a safe and clean election.
From the start of the election gun ban, one Militia ng Bayan member was apprehended, two regular NPA fighters surrendered, nine MB members surrendered, and seven UGMO members surrendered, and one enemy encampment dismantled.
Also four high- and low-powered firearms were surrendered to 10th ID.
“We are hoping that in the mid-term election, those incidents before compared to this year, we have seen that it is at the lowest percentage on violent incidents in our area of responsibility,” he added.


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