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Editorial | Compassion is needed

Just like during the early days of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), people are role-playing as experts of the Covid pandemic even as the world continues to grapple with the impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

What makes the situation worse is the use of technology, particularly social media, which is among the venues of bogus reports, memes and other nonsensical matters.

The situation is even worse compared with the early days of the HIV period because the fact is that fake reports could easily spread even in a matter of seconds because of these new media tools. The saddest thing is how most people, even the so-called educated, become vulnerable in terms of believing the ridiculous stories.

Lurking within these tools are the chatgroups that are set up to share information. Within chatgroups, are harmless discussions of issues related to the pandemic, possible cures and other related issues.

But the sad thing is that these chatgroups also become the place in identifying individuals who might have been infected with the virus, even when nobody should have not identified them.

We all know how stigma is sometimes attached to those suffering from illnesses, despite their nature, and how people are being looked down even when it is not their fault to get infected.

In these trying times, aside from being extra careful, what the people need to give those suffering from the disease is compassion as they continue to struggle to survive.

Sometimes, those afflicted with the disease suffer more from the uncalled humiliation brought about the discrimination that their fellow humans slap on them. It is time to change this attitude.


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