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Want to succeed in life? Coco shares 3 key tips

HOW DID Coco Martin, a well-known actor, director, and now brand ambassador of BDO Network Bank, succeed in life?

He shared three tips that he believes will significantly help fellow Filipinos. “First, save money. Second, grow your savings. Third, find the right partner-bank that you can trust to ensure the safety of your savings. It is not good to save money and just keep it at home or anywhere else. It might get lost or stolen.” shared Coco.  

He added, “You can’t just work and then spend all your earnings. You should know your priorities. You should have a goal. In earning a living, you should set aside a percentage for your future or emergencies.”

The “Ang Probinsyano” and “Batang Quiapo” star admitted that he allocates 30 percent of his earnings for emergencies.

“I really save 30 percent of my total income. I keep that, and make sure I won’t use it no matter what happens. It is good to have a fallback, something to rely on in times of need. The remaining 70 percent is for expenses, supporting my family, and all other needs. From that 70 percent, that’s where I get capital for any business ideas I have. As long as I make sure the 30 percent stays untouched”

Coco expresses his deep gratitude to BDO Network Bank, the community banking arm of BDO Unibank, for guiding him in growing his earnings.

“Of course, you also need guidance on how to make your money grow. Through BDO and BDO Network Bank, they are there to guide and assist you in growing your money.” the actor stressed. PR


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