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UPMV K9 trains dogs for search and rescue

IN THE EFFORT to promote the better care, appreciation, and utilization of dogs in local communities, this hard-working multisectoral group of volunteers is offering the public basic and advanced K9 training courses.

The UPMV K9 Corps recently graduated over two dozen happy pet owners from its two-weekend Basic Obedience Workshop held last February 3 and 10. Students and professionals from all walks of life with a common love for dogs came away amazed at how better behaved their pets could be and were also surprised at how much better they could bond with their furry companions.

“Contrary to popular belief, dog training is as much about the owner as it is about the pet,” explained UPMV K9 president Elah Tendero. “We don’t just teach dogs how to behave. We teach people how to better understand and communicate with their dogs.”

Volunteer K9 instructors and handlers (in orange uniforms) teach obedience training techniques useful for anyone who owns a dog: everything from proper leash handling to sitting, staying, and recall.

The workshop was conducted for a minimal fee to help the UPMV K9 Corps raise funds for its main goal of providing free Search and Rescue training to help civilian volunteers and their beloved pets play active roles in disaster response efforts. This free but comprehensive six-month training includes obedience as well as search-and-rescue training for the dogs and also imparts disaster response and outdoor survival skills to the volunteer handlers.

“Sadly, more often than not, pets get neglected or forgotten in the event of a disaster. They often get left behind as communities evacuate,” Tendero laments. “But more than just being our companions, our dogs can also be of invaluable assistance in disaster response and relief efforts.”

Established in 2017, the UPMV K9 Corps is a non-profit organization established in partnership between the University of the Philippines, the Metro Manila Development Authority, and the UP Vanguard Inc. To date, there are already close to a hundred volunteers and K9s in the program, with openings for Batch 11 to be announced soon.

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