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Troops recover AK-47 left behind by bathing ‘rebels’

One high- powered  firearm and several components of an improvised explosive device reportedly by Communist rebels were recovered by the Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFB) in Barangay Maglahus, Cateel, Davao Oriental at 12:14 p.m. on Sunday.

Police Lt. Col. Maximo Sebastian, the force commander, told reporters in a press briefing held at the PRO X1’s clubhouse, said that they were a major internal security operation in the said area. On the third day, they connected water from a natural spring to a parched community.

While building the project, they came upon two individuals taking a bath.

“They have seen our troops who were in uniform and full combat gear they hurried into the forest area. Our troops chased them but unfortunately, it was rainy that time so they were not able to chase them,” Sebastian said.

Instead, they recovered  one long magazine, one AK-47 rifle, two boots, 12 volts battery, four blasting caps, two  25-meter electrical wire and tapes, cutter, long-nose plier, 217.62 x39 mm caliber  ammunition, 1/2 kg alleged ammonium sulfate mixed with gasoline, one backpack, and one black electrical tape.

“It is an preemption because if we don’t recover it then they will use it against our forces in the conduct of their tactical offensive,” he added.

For now, he said, a manhunt is being conducted to arrest the two.

According to the report of the RMFB XI, the operating troops of the 1103rd Maneuver Company led by Police Captain Rowel Balmores together with Police Lieutenant Gian Marlou Misajon, platoon leader, conducted an operation in Barangay Aragon, Aliwagwag, and Maglahus, all in Cateel to verify the information regarding the alleged presence of armed individuals.



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