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80% of Mindanaoans prefer softer, quality rice: DA XI

THE DEPARTMENT of Agriculture (DA) XI revealed that 80% of rice consumers in Mindanao prefer softer and whiter grains.

During the Agribiz forum on March 19, Jessel Cardines, DA XI Agricultural Center chief, said Mindanao rice consumers are very particular about the amylose content of rice.

“The amylose content determines how soft or firm the texture of the cooked rice will be. The lower the amylose content, the softer it is. The higher it is means it’s firmer,” Cardines said.

Cardines stressed that common rice varieties that are considered firmer are Rc222, which has an amylose content of 24% and was shipped out often in the Visayan region. 

Meanwhile, the Rc160, a rice variety with an amylose content of 19%, is usually consumed in Mindanao.

“Here in Mindanao, based on our observation, our rice standard is 19% below. We are too selective when it comes to rice quality. Unlike those in Visayas who love firmer rice,” she said.

She added that the office has continued its research on producing rice varieties with lower amylose content that the region can consume. 

Through its NEXTGEN 600 series, DA XI seeks to accelerate access to adaptive rice varieties in the Philippines, making these newly-released varieties adapt to the changing climate in the country. 



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