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TOG 11 Joins Coastal Clean-Up in Talomo

The Tactical Operations Group 11 (TOG 11) joined the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), the Local Barangay Unit of Barangay Malamboon, and the Task Force Davao for the Coastal Clean Up drive of Purok 22-A, Sitio Kabacan, Barangay Malamboon, Talomo, Davao City. This joint initiative aimed to clear the shoreline of waste and garbage which is an obvious health hazard to the residing community, and an environmental threat to the surrounding marine ecosystem.

All in all, the volunteers were able to gather around 300 sacks of multiple types of garbage and debris, which mostly included plastic bottles, polystyrene foam packaging materials, discarded fishnets and other non-biodegradable materials.

Aside from the actual clearing activity, it is important to note that the exercise imbibed enthusiastic community participation while actively instilling a higher level of environmental consciousness. The local barangay officials of Brgy. Malamboon expressed their appreciation to all the participating groups as they pointed out, in emphasis, the importance of sustainable efforts to improve and maintain environmental soundness of the area. TOG 11 equally expressed sustained commitment to support such collaborative efforts and undertakings towards environmental conservation and rehabilitation.

The success of this clean-up drive highlights the efficiency of collective action in addressing environmental challenges. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when various community sectors unite for a common cause. As part of ongoing efforts to foster environmental sustainability, future activities are planned to maintain and build upon the progress made, ensuring that Davao City’s coastlines remain pristine for generations to come. This event has highlighted the essential role of community involvement in environmental protection and set the stage for sustained efforts towards a cleaner, healthier environment in Davao City.


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