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City gov’t recognizes TFD for zero-terrorism incidents

THE LOCAL government lauded Task Force Davao (TFD) for its commitment to secure the city, which has been enjoying zero terrorism-related incidents in the past five years.

Acting City Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, in his message, said the TFD and other members of the security cluster played a vital role in sustaining the growth of the city over the years.

Mindanao Times File Photo

“Davao City takes pride in its peace and order mechanisms, which help support local economic development. Your campaigns geared toward the safety of the city allow our citizens to live peacefully and for businesses to thrive in our communities. In your 19th year in serving the people of Davao, we thank you for your support of the security program of the local government. The city’s culture of security is a testament to the success of our cooperation,” he said during TFD’s 19th founding anniversary celebration at the TFD headquarters near Sta. Ana pier.

The acting mayor said TFD’s presence is vital, considering the constant threat in some conflicted regions near Davao City. Terrorist attacks, according to him, cannot be predicted but these are consequential because of Davao City’s geo-political situation.

The vice mayor added, “We’re experiencing peace, but most conflicted places in Mindanao are not experiencing it. We are very lucky. The Davaoeños are very thankful for people like you who are serving under the Task Force Davao. Daghan kaayong salamat sa inyo (Thank you very much).”

He said the stable peace and order in the city allowed more opportunities for more investments, both domestic and foreign. He also said that the Build Build Build program of President Rodrigo R. Duterte opened road networks throughout the city, which the City Government of Davao will utilize to also open opportunities for people who are far from the city center.

He challenged the TFD to sustain its gains and ensure the safety of peace-loving Davaoeños.

“We’re confident that with our strong synergy, we’ll continue to succeed. Let us work actively in deterring any threat to the security of Davao City,” he said.

TFD Commander Col. Darren Comia said that the TFD was challenged not only by the threat of terrorism but also by the threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Comia said, “Despite these threats, we stood up. We faced all the challenges just to ensure the safety and security of Davao City. With our experience, your Task Force Davao has become stronger and more resilient in all the odds that we will be confronting while performing our mandate.”

He underscored that the TFD’s success was due to the support, cooperation, and collaboration of all its stakeholders and partners then and now, including the peace-loving Davaoeños.

“We’re more motivated and inspired now because all of you are our source of encouragement and motivating force for us to carry on with our tasks,” he said, also thanking all officers, including enlisted personnel and Cafgu Active Auxiliary assigned to the TFD in the past 19 years.

The TFD chief also assured us that all their gains will be sustained and more legacies will be added.

Comia added, “On behalf of the officers, men and women, and the entire Task Force Davao, I, as your commander, commit ourselves to the maintenance of peace, security, and order in this beautiful city of Davao where life is here.”

Meanwhile, the 10th Infantry Division Commander Maj. Gen. Nolasco Mempin said his steadfastness and commitment to duty were tested when he served as TFD commander for almost two years.

“I’m very proud to be a part of it and more than proud for what it has become over the years. Your 19 faithful years of rendering intensive counter-terror efforts in Davao City contributed much to making the city the trade, commerce, industry, and political hub not only in Mindanao but also in the entire country,” he added.

The TFD was activated due to terror attacks in 2003, specifically the bombing of the old airport and Sasa Wharf.

The Roxas Night Market blast on September 2, 2016, which claimed 15 lives and injured 69 others, was the last terrorist attack in the city.



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