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Timesman | Ugly face of politics

After we heard it from the President himself the assurance he will not give a new position in the Cabinet the dismissed Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) chief Nicanor Faeldon, the noise of his retention has finally been died down.

Duterte said he has no plans of reappointing Faeldon despite having done so in the past.

“No, not…I don’t think so he has had enough of controversies in the last few years,” Duterte said.

Faeldon was sacked by the President for disobeying his order to block the release of heinous crimes convicts under the controversial Good Conduct and Time Allowance (GCTA) law.

The GCTA rules are now the subject of inquiry by the Office of the Ombudsman to detained Sen. Leila de Lima and former senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas to explain in separate letters sent them why the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) for the GCTA that they help prepare as Cabinet officials of the previous administration qualified convicts of heinous crimes for early release.

While I do not expect both de Lima and Roxas to explain anything about the controversial GCTA as it was now a law passed by Congress and approved by then president Benigno Aquino, the Ombudsman’s action seems suspicious as it singled out the duo both known critics of the Duterte administration.

Why not include members of the Senate then that passed the law, or former president Noynoy Aquino who had signed it?

I would suggest to the Ombudsman to focus its investigation on the questionable release and/or suspensions of BuCor 30 prison officials suspected involved in the anomalous release of prisoners convicted of heinous crimes/offenses, as according to witnesses and evidences gathered “appear to be strong” to convict the suspected prison officials.

Politics should not allow its ugly face to hinder the search for truth. Focus on the alleged report of bribery in the Bureau, although already confirmed by a wife of an inmate who herself id a victim, so that heads will roll.


“Eats More Fun in the Philippines” is the new advertising campaign aimed to promote Filipino cuisine to a worldwide audience.

Our tourism officials have finally awakened to the fact that Pinoy cooking with reference to quality is also as important to mention aside from the natural beauty of our beaches, historical sites, Filipino hospitality, and sun which the industry is always promoting.

Many visitors coming to the country are at first ignorant of what we are eating but beginning to enjoy their visit here after savoring the local Pinoy delicacies.

My recent US trip opened my eyes to the fact that our sinigang na bangus o baboy, adobo, tinolang manok or paksiw na litson, kinilaw, just to name a few, are at par with the foreign cuisine in taste. At lagi mong hahanap-hanapin.

While there are also Filipino restaurants in the cities and states I visited that served food mentioned above, the ingredients and flavors are no longer of Pinoy taste. The sinigang na bangus or pork has no puso ng saging or kangkong that are the main ingredients; Our adobo has a mixture of vinegar and calamansi with laurel leaves to make it more sour and tasty. The adobo in the resto has only the usual vinegar and garlic. Maasim, pero walang lasa.
And while we’re rice-eating Pinoy, Americans love pizzas and broccoli, and sodas (softdrinks) too even for breakfast.

But I am not saying that our food is delicious and theirs is not. It always depends on ones’ taste.

But there is also one eating area in the US where I ate with gusto. In a joint birthday celebration of my daughter and cousin Roque held in a Brazilian Steakhouse at 38 N. Asuza Ave., West Covina, California, the steakhouse tradition, the top sirloin cap seasoned with kosher salt and roasted in perfection is something one cannot forget. The meat is very tender and most flavorful.

As new to the city, my favorable comment is something for that Brazilian resto to be proud of.

Congratulations, to our tourism officials. It was a good move. Always remember that our visitors will not enjoy the beauty of our country if we entertain them with an empty stomach!


Agriculture Secretary William Dar believes that while African swine fever (ASF) cannot be transferred to people, humans can be carriers of the virus, which can lead to its further spread in the country.

“The spread of that will really be a big issue that we are monitoring. We wouldn’t want it spread,” he said.

Why not include Congress in your monitoring, Secretary?


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