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Timesman: To name or not to name

Whether to release a list of politicians allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade so the public may know should not be much of concerned as the Constitution recognizes the right of the people to information on matters of public concern, especially when this affects their lives and welfare.

But for politicians who were into the illegal trade, they will surely oppose the move as this will open the can of worms that will expose their sins long hidden from the public eye.

While others politicians are also claiming that due process might be violated as under the law, a suspect remains innocent until proven guilty.

According to Palace Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, releasing the list would allow the voters to know what kind of candidates they will vote to public office.

“The evil sought to be avoided by its release is much greater than the perceived violation of an individual’s right, which the law allows a vindication and compensation,” he said.

The TIMES editorial of March 8 suggested for the government to be neutral on the issue and “….must be able to consider all facets in this discussion before taking any actions.” The editorial continued: “After all, there are other alternatives that can be done just to shame those who might not be fit to hold a government position.”

Our stand here may not be in consonance with the editorial as we believe that a person who is about to commit a crime knows beforehand the consequences of his act and that he should ready to face it.

That law that provides due process to a suspect will encourage him to do illegal act as he might believe that he is protected by it.

I am in favor of releasing now the names of politicians who are involved in illegal drugs trade especially if they are running in the elections. Let us not give them the chance to be voted intoo public office as they may only abuse their positions and use this against the people.

Anyway, politicians need not worry if they are not into illegal drugs. But it’s a different story if they are into it.


I never experienced in my life undergo physical therapy. But lately I have to after the family doctor recommended that I have to see a therapist after I woke up one morning the upper left portion of my shoulder was numb and its hurting me. It’s similar to a stiff necked when a patient is hard to move his head.

At first I thought I suffered a mild stroke but my doctor said it’s just a “frozen shoulder” or inflammation of the injured part.

Thank God it’s not that serious, I immediately informed my daughter Tala about it as I am scheduled to visit her in the US next month and I do not want her to worry about my health condition. St. Luke’s Medical Center in Manila had already certified I am fit to travel and the American Embassy also approved my immigrant visa, remember?

Last Tuesday, I had my first of the six PT sessions with Aina at the Metro Davao Medical Center in Bajada. Aina is 29 years old, mabait while dealing with her patient. She’s pretty and daughter of a Muslim father from Jolo and a Waray mother from Leyte. She confessed she never visited both her parents’ birth places.

Upon knowing that she’s still single, I advised her to get married when she reached 30 as she is now a professional. She said she’s only waiting for her boyfriend to pass his dentistry board exams before thinking of having her own family. That’s nice of her.

Would you believe that the numb at my left shoulder was already cured I and can move it normally as if nothing happens although I only have two meetings with my therapist? Aina is a professional therapist although she’s only a year practicing the profession, she told me.

Despite of this early recovery, my daughter advised me to finish the six sessions as the harm might recurred if I will not complete the PT.

Okey, and cheers, again!


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