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Timesman: PAL no longer late

FLAG carrier Philippine Airlines is looking forward to upgrade passenger system service next month.
“We are looking forward to launching a more reliable and passenger-friendly system that is designed for the needs of our customer,” said PAL top honcho Jaime Bautista.
“This system will serve as the technology backbone of our business, and it follows naturally from the recent innovation and service upgrades that have won for PAL the Four-Star Global Airline Rating and the recognition as the World’s Most Improved Airline,” Bautista continued.
I have taken several PAL flights to Manila and I have I kept on patronizing this airline because I feel safer compared with other airlines even when its tickets are quite pricy. PAL is not anymore late in flights.
I travelled by day usually the 11 a.m. schedule or 2 p.m. on Mabuhay or Business Class seats because I wanted to enjoy at an elevation of 34,000 feet, the magnificent landscape of 7,000 islands and volcanoes of the country.
And why have I bought expensive tickets for Mabuhay or Business Class (double the rate compared with the regular tickets), when I could have flown Economy Class and reach my destination on time and safe?
I am a simple man that can easily adjust to any situations. But because my daughter Tala has spoiled me a lot ever since she settled in the United States, a promise she gave me before leaving abroad. I have no choice but to accept everything to enjoy my retirement years.
Now I am billeted at a hotel suite called penthouse at Roxas Boulevard to be near the American Embassy for the resumption of my immigrant visa interview. I didn’t complain anymore because it’s Tala’s choice to give me pleasure in my remaining years on earth.
The upgrading of PAL service to a more advanced passenger service system next month is the best move the management is embarking on since its operation is no longer for survival. Meaning, PAL is making money now under the new private ownership.
But as far as I am concerned, I am give the airline service a grade of 9 in a one to 10 rating scale. PAL is no longer “Palaging Atrasado Lipad.” It flies on time now.
Despite this improved service showing of PAL to its passengers, I would suggest to PAL president and chief operating officer Jaime Bautista to make good his words when he promised that “its new IT computer system, using the Altea PSS Suite by Amadeus, would enable its customers to benefit from greater convenience in booking reservations, ticketing, check-in, and boarding processes beginning next month,” although I have no complain as of my last booking with them.
Congratulations, and continue the good job, Sir!
I have continued to feel millionaire since my first trip to Manila last Christmas as my doctor-niece Christine Tinitigan Apolinario brought me again to Tagaytay City where I stayed overnight with her family at the 16th floor of her condo-unit at the Wind Residences overlooking Taal Volcano and the Laguna de Bay and the whole sceneries of one of the world famous tourist attractions in the country.
I can’t express the feeling of happiness I experienced while seeing Taal Volcano and the surrounding areas of Laguna de Bay from the bedroom of the 34th floor of the condo. It is as if I was in heaven while viewing the magnificent active volcano in that early morning from my point of view.
And as we left Wind Residences later that afternoon, we went straight ahead to Chateau Royale in Nasugbu to witness the exceptional performances of “The Masterpiece Music Ensemble”- one of the most in-demand wedding bands in Southern Luzon founded by Ms. Deanna Jane Montoya and husband Ellie Laiz and was awarded as the Top Booker in Musician’s Category at Kasalang Tagaytay held.
But because it was a weekend and the Monday that followed was a holiday, we experienced horrendous traffic on our way Tagaytay.
Luckily for us, the suffering was lesser as we were onboard Christine’s black Honda BR-V while playing the recorded songs sung by me earlier in a bar in another hotel here last December.
Before I forget, I also dropped by Tower Inn, owned by Boss Willie, while making the rounds of the business center of Makati City with Christine’s family, just to say hello to Edwin Torres, Edwin Ramos who at the time were having a board meeting with the staff.
But it was not at all a disappointing effort because Marivic Faigal, TIMES contact staff, entertained us for about an hour with free merienda for the group.
To be honest, I tried bribing the head waiter just to accept my payment after Marivic denied it by saying “charge na lang natin sa UMBN.” The waiter didn’t accept my request “baka daw mawalan siya ng trabaho.”
Thanks to Christine, Crystal, Mark and sister-in-law Tiny for that unparalleled and unforgettable attention given to me while staying in your BF Resort residence in Las Pinas and in the condo in Tagaytay.
You really are all a Tinitigan!


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