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PH has smart doctors, insufficient facilities, say

A Taiwanese healthcare industry expert said the Philippines has among the best physicians, but the industry is facing challenges because of lack of facilities.

“The Philippine doctors are very smart but (the challenges are) facilities,” said Dr. Mao-Shin Lin of the National Taiwan University Hospital during the 2018 Healthcare Industry Trade Meeting in Davao City.

However, he said, new facilities do not mean anything unless those using them have better knowledge.

In this regard, Lin told the TIMES, his country can partner with the Philippines in enhancing the healthcare industry of the latter through training, basic and clinical research as well as other interventions.

“I think geographically, Taiwan and the Philippines are very close in distance with only a strait in between us, so I think it’s very convenient for the 15 medical staff including doctors, nurses, to come to Taiwan for a training where we can exchange and cooperate in many aspects in the medical field,” he said.

He said the two countries can share experiences or even collaborate in improving their respective industries. “I think the first step is to know each other, what are our ventures, what is our weakness and strength. When we know each other, we can know the next step to cooperate with each other,” Lin said.

He said the two countries can even collaborate to “fight together from the spread of infectious diseases” even as he urged their governments to share information on the illnesses.

The Taiwanese industry stakeholders also promoted high-end medical facilities that are mostly made in Taiwan used for neurological procedures for an affordable price compared with other countries in Asia.


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