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Timesman: My bets in the elections

My candidates in the senatorial race and party-list groups in the May 13 elections include some of the traditional politicians, incumbents and those coming back in politics after years of hibernation.
Also in my list are new faces but proven personalities who served the country before and until today in their capacity as officers or members of different private organizations that contributed to the development of towns and cities they belonged.
Not in my list are re-electionist candidates who were suspected of involvement in illegal drugs, EJK, convicted for corruption, put behind bars but later freed by the court for reasons many Filipinos believe that money talks.
Candidates having extra marital affairs and those who only think easy money while in positions are also banned from my list.
Also not included in the list are some candidates who already violated the Comelec ban on early campaigning although the poll body is yet to determine who these early birds are.
Wow, even grade school pupils knew these candidates, yet the Comelec people are still confirming it. Ayaw na ta tits, change your alibi naman this time!
Now that the 90-day campaign period for these positions started yesterday, Feb. 12, although many of the aspirants have already over-sized posters displayed all over the country and TV exposures since last year, expect the fiesta atmosphere once more everywhere where instant comedians will be discovered.
Like in the national positions, I am also ready for my final list of local candidates, mostly incumbent old friends and come-backing aspirants, as I am still voting in the old precinct although I already transferred my residence to the other district of the city.
The 45-day campaign period for local bets will start from March 29 to May 11 and like candidates in the national positions, many of them have already posters and TV exposures since last year.
Text your messages (09156987421) if you want to know further who my candidates are. Don’t use Facebook, I’m too lazy opening it.
The Commission on Elections warned candidates and parties for illegal campaign materials even if they claim these are not their own doing but put up by others or without their knowledge.
Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez said: “If the materials are still up after the start of the campaign period, then it can be presumed they are up because candidates allow them to remain up. It is clear that they are benefiting from the presence of these materials and that might be a way to hold them liable.”
This seems to me like a broken record as this was the usual threatening words of the poll body we hear every election with only a few (mostly poor and losing candidates) were punished.
But I am still hoping that miracles happen and the Comelec officials will finally awaken to the fact that the people rely on the integrity and honesty of the office.
The other night (Feb. 11) in the episode of long running TV series “Ang Probinsiyano” Lito Lapid, who performed the character of Romulo or “Pinuno” was killed by Rommel or “Alakdan” portrayed by Jhong Hilario, Lapid’s former right hand in the leftwing movement fighting the government before they parted ways and became enemies.
TV viewers who didn’t know might be surprised why the director had to “kill” Romulo in the episode when he was considered the second “bida” next only to “Cardo” portrayed by Coco Martin. Why not kill Rommel who was the villain instead of the good man?
Since Lito Lapid is running for senator, he has to be “killed” or vanished from the scene otherwise, he will be accused by the Comelec of electioneering or too much exposure which is part of the poll body’s prohibition on campaign period.
But viewers need not to worry because Rommel will soon follow. Meaning, he too will be “killed” before March 29 when the campaign period for the local candidates will start.
Rommel or Jhong Hilario will be running as reelectionist councilor or as vice mayor of Makati City. Gulat kayo nanunuod ako ng pelikula ni FPJ?
“Killing” the character portrayed by politician is an honorable exit applied by the director to justify the politician’s disappearance in the TV series.
But this is my assurance to Cardo’s followers. Your hero will not suffer the fate of Romulo and Rommel. Otherwise, the three-year-old episode considered to be the longest-running ABS-CBN TV series ever will die with him!


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