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TIMESMAN | Leni and Sara ako

MALIGAYANG Araw ng mga Puso sa lahat! Happy Valentine’s Day to all the girls I loved before and to all lovers who still believe that love makes life more enjoyable and merrier for as long as we live.

Today is Valentine’s Day. I am very sure hotels and motels were already fully booked a week earlier by lovers who want to make this day more exciting than ever. I know dahil marami sa atin ang nagkaroon ng ganyang karanasan.  

A naughty friend asked who is my Valentine now that my wife, Virginia, died eight years ago and I remained single since then.

My answer is the same as in the last eight years whenever I was asked the same question.  Some people may continue to grieve for partners who had passed away while others remarried while still remembering their dead partners (Some Filipinos believe that one should wait for a year, also called “babang-luksa,” before they can remarry–LDT). Admittedly, I also mourned my wife’s passing and I was lonely, especially at night sleeping on an empty bed. I reminisced those happy moments when our blessed union lasted for 46 years, and we were blessed with beautiful children and grandchildren.

But my mourning and grieving did not last for long, and I eventually coped up with Virgie’s loss. She died at the age of 72. I believe that it’s not the end of the world and life must go on as there are other living family members who also need my attention.

I easily convinced my friend with my answer especially when I jokingly told him, “mas mabuti na siguro ang single at walang guardia civil na magbabantay sa lahat ng kilos mo!”


President Rodrigo Duterte is not supporting any presidential candidate “at this time.”

“I am not supporting anybody right now. But if I think that there’s a need to talk and to make a noise because hindi naman – pero (perhaps not – but) you just put in peril yung gobyerno mismo (the government itself),” the President said.

I understand the President but I do not agree with him on some points. Maybe I am not a politician although I used to be one when I was elected barangay official in the early years of martial law of the late dictator Marcos. (I was the lone elected candidate from the opposition that opposed the Marcos handpicked candidate then. The records in Barangay 1-A in Bolton Ice Plant will show–LDT).

I just want to be honest and frank. I am voting for Leni for president and Sara for vice president.

While President Duterte admitted that all candidates (for President) are “qualified,” and again I agree with him, I chose Leni dahil sa tingin ko mas mabait siya compared to others. I didn’t choose the words lesser evil in comparing the candidates but “mas mabait” so as not to offend others.

As for Sara, I have always been supporting her ever since she went into politics because she is honest and frank, even though I do not sometimes agree with her, such as her teammate for this year’s presidential race. 

Anyway, with Leni and Sara in Malacañang, let the world for the first time see how these two female leaders will run this country. 

My 12 candidates for senators are yet to be scrutinized since many aspirants are qualified with proven integrity. I am having second thoughts about choosing them. Baka pag naka upo na, lumabas na ang pagiging demonyo!

And since the campaign period for local election is yet to start on March 22, although political posters of many local aspirants are already sprouting like mushrooms in strategic areas in the city, my candidates will also be chosen on the basis of their qualifications and performances (for re-electionists) and not on friendships and palakasan.

Yes, at this age when I may be the oldest voter in my precinct this May 9 elections, expect only my presence in the polling place. I want to be sure that my vote will be counted. 

Let us all go out and vote and allow no one to fill up your ballot with the names of their candidates once they know you are not voting. We can’t just rely on the assurances of “clean and honest elections” of the poll body as we all know in the past elections that money talks above all in the end. 

Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day!




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