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Timesman: Fake news on April fools

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) noted the proliferation of fake news in the midterm elections as it considered this will be “problematic” as the May 13 election is almost here.Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez said his office is now in the process of identifying fake news posts as it provides “white list to social media platforms which will allow them to facilitate our request for actions on questionable and objectionable social media posts.”

I also have a share of being victimized by fake news just the other day, April 1, regarded by many as a day of the fools, like the one that posted in the Facebook that I was in a coma in a hospital. Sa kama siguro not in a coma!

It all started when my daughter Tala from abroad called me by phone  panicking when we were about to leave the Ateneo main gate at Roxas Boulevard after attending the whole day baccalaureate and graduation exercises of Jin Lorenz from senior high school.

My daughter said she was worried of my health considering that I am scheduled to join her in the US after she received on social post that I was dying in a hospital.

“Pa, ano nangyari, nasa hospital ka ba?”

“Saan mo nakuha ang balita?”

“From a cousin in Manila!”

I told my daughter not to believe the report. Anyway, President Duterte was himself “killed” many times before but until now, he seems to have nine lives as he is still kicking. I jokingly told her to calm her down.

Early the following morning, a neighbor came to the house informing me that a sister-in-law asked her about my condition.

Okey man si Sir. Nakita ko siya sa umaga kahapon, bihis na bihis. Papunta yata sa Manila dahil mag-aabroad na siya,” my neighbor told her. That was when Jin Lorenz and I left for Ateneo leaving behind the car in the garage and took a taxi because of the problem of parking area in the school.

Anyway, many of us are afraid to die pretending that they are an exception although everything God has created also has its end and all are destined to die.

To be frank I am not afraid to be forever out of this world. Many times, I asked Him for this and He didn’t listen. Instead, He continued to pamper me with His blessings. He still needs me around, maybe.

I only wanted this guy with the questionable posting to stop spreading fake news on social media. Otherwise, ang gaba walang pinipili!

This corner will continue to appear here now that Boss Willie gave his go signal for me to send my articles through e-mail from my new found icy world.


One of my candidates in the senatorial race is Francis Tolentino not because he’s the “Tol” of President Duterte or a Caviteno, the home province of my late father.

I have chosen him because of his proven integrity and unquestionable public service that we seldom see in politicians.

He was the chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), former mayor of Cavite and Tagaytay City, and now the most trusted official of the Duterte administration.

In all these positions in the government, the only “sin” I heard he committed was when he was accused of bringing “sexy dancers” in one of the sorties of his political party then in the 2016 presidential election.

If some people will blindly vote for some candidates with questionable backgrounds because of blind belief, why not this guy whose only sin is because he loves beauties.

Tolentino is asking the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) to reveal the names of the celebrities allegedly involved in illegal drugs.

He said, “These artists endorse politicians, but the politician doesn’t know if the artist endorsing him is involved in illegal drugs. We should know who we should admire, who we should spend our money for movie tickets, who should endorse products.”

Tolentino is correct, let’s expose these celebrities who hide their shenanigans in the hero characters in the movies they are portraying while adoring fans scream and could even kiss their ass to show how they adore them.

We have plenty of these celebrities in movies and televisions and we have to unmask them now before they totally contaminate the public through politicians they’re supporting running in these midterm polls.





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