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Timesman: Duterte is here!

Illinois, USA-President Duterte’s popularity is not only confined in our country but as well in my new world Illinois in Chicago as almost all community newspapers, some coming out weekly or twice monthly, carry stories with picture of him most often in the front page sometimes as headline story.

Only, the news about Duterte is already history to me as many of the stories I’ve read here were already bahaw (old news) read by me when I was still there. I’ve already lost track of the current happenings especially in the national and local elections as the news about the country is a week late.

But my only consolation is the long running teleserye of ABS-CBN’s FPJ ‘Probinsiyano’ that is being shown here live via The Filipino Channel (TFC).

Example of the late news:

“President DU30 threatens to declare ‘revolutionary war’”

“Duterte to Roxas: You’re nothing: I can shoot you for free”

“Duterte signs law splitting Palawan into 3 provinces”

“Del Rosario tells Duterte: Time to unshelf arbitral ruling over West PHL Sea”

“Duterte admin never shelved arbitral ruling”

“Duterte needs to do ‘soul-searching’ – De Lima”

“Sereno, PCIJ urged to file raps vs. Duterte”

“Vetoed 2019 budget items unconstitutional – Palace”

“PHL-China row over Spratlys heats up anew”

“Duterte pokes fun of Jim Paredes sex video”

That’s how journalists here mostly Filipinos love our controversial President, while my new adopted US President Donald Trump seems losing touch with media people here in the US. Why? Because while Duterte’s name dominates the news, I only read one article about Trump since I arrived here a week ago. And the lone story about Trump is seems unfavorable to the US President as it captioned: “Trump team once in knots, takes a bow” and sub-captioned: “Strategy, precedent, bluster all used to shield president.”

Kawawa naman, but despite of his being unpopular lately here and around the world, Americans seem not ready yet to have an American president like Digong. Takot sila sa politokong Pinoy, especially when I told Ana, a pretty American taxi driver I’ve rode with while we were in suburb Chicago on the way to Phil. Embassy for the renewal of my passport, that our President is the only one of its kind that can eat bullets and who badmouth former US President Barrack Obama and called the latter “Bullsh..t.”

I explained to Ana why Duterte hates Obama Is because of Obama’s meddling with the Duterte administration’s relentless drive against illegal drugs that killed thousands of suspected criminals involved in the illegal trade not to mention innocent people that considered as collateral damage.

“In that case, I’ll not vote for him,” said Ana with a pretty smile. She didn’t explain why.

Ang ganda ni Ana, and I thought of not stepping out of the taxi when we, Nathan, Tala, and JJ reached our destination. Crush ko agad, pero siya for sure hindi niya ako crush!

But since I’m a total stranger here and temporarily a ‘guest’ of Mr. Trump in his home country, of course I have to act for what I am and give due respect to the hospitality of the VIP host.

And for this, I only think of writing news favorable to the US President and pretty First Lady Ivana in the White House. And l will start with this piece of news that American readers might likely to hear from their President.

It begins with Mr. Trump’s pronouncement that Chinese president Xi Jinping would be coming soon to the White House, fuelling anticipation that the world’s two largest economies may be close to finishing a trade.

Those in business have high expectation for a resolution to the trade tensions, which have created uncertainty for multinational firms that rely on the Chinese market. While the potential for a deal appears to be much higher than in the past, several sticking points remain.

Hopefully President Trump read this corner and fast tract the early release of my green card and eventually my acceptance as US citizen. For sure he will not regret doing it.

Pare Digong, pasensiya ka muna. Naniguro lang ako kay Pare Donald. Hehe!


Wife: “Hudas ka! Lagi kang umuuwing lasing! Naaasar na tuloy ako sa mukha mo!”

Husband: “Pero mahal, kung hindi ako lasing ako naman ang maaasar sa mukha mo!” Yak!





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