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Timesman: DU30’s order ignored!

Some relatives and friends from Metro Manila and as far as USA, Canada, Australia, and Papua New Guinea whom I had no contact with for the last 59 years suddenly reached me the past few days through e-mails extending their belated birthday greetings and concerns as they were excited to know more about me.

Just imagine what the modern technology has done so far for billions of peoples around the world who have not seen their loved ones. Suddenly they can communicate easily.
Although I didn’t have a Facebook or e-mail address despite the prodding of my daughter Tala who is living abroad so she will have easy way to reach me, I am not surprised when many of my relatives, some of them were not even born then, were able to say “hi” and “hello” as they were excited to chat with me online.
Jin Lorenz explained that my relatives might have seen the photos of me during my almost a month trip to Metro Manila and recent birthday posted by his Ate Tala on her Facebook. And this also explained why their e-mails were sent to my daughter and were later forwarded to me through Jin Lorenz’ e-mail address.
And this was also the reason why it took me days to respond to their e-mails. And for this, I ask for apology.
Despite the hassles of having no FB of my own, even the new Apple iPad Tala sent me will not convince me to join cyberspace to communicate with the world because I have no patience of tinkering with gadgets. I am contented for what I have now – the computer in my room and the CCTV my daughter installed to monitor me 24/7.
I have nothing against being monitored. But is it not an invasion of privacy? (Just kidding, Tala).
And in case many of their e-mails didn’t receive a response from me this doesn’t mean I ignored them. Their eagerness to meet me even through Messenger is well appreciated. Talaga lang tamad akong gumamit ng online communication.
But continue sending replies through the e-mail address of my daughter in the US or to Jin Lorenz’s FB here, they are too willing to accommodate all of you.
We heard it first from President Duterte when he warned members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and military to shy away from bars, nightclubs, beer gardens, karaoke bars and pubs, and similar public drinking places and establishments in uniforms and even on off duty.
The warning was seconded by Police Director General Oscar Albayalde banning PNP officers from entering “places devoted to vices.”
The latest reminder to the police personnel was echoed by Police Regional Director Marcelo Morales when he said that violators may be sacked from the service once they violated their Commander-in-Chief’s instruction.
But some police officers seemed absent without official leave when the President’s warning and those of PNP Chief Albayalde and Regional Director Morales were issued through media channels.
Or maybe they heard the order by the President but simply ignored it knowing their rowdy behavior inside a public place will not get noticed by their superiors, the public and the media.
I am referring to the case of three police officers from the Regional Intelligence Affairs Service (RIAS) who were relieved from their post after they allegedly caused a commotion while having a drinking session a pizza house Tuesday afternoon.
Chief Supt. Jose Carumba, director of RIAS XI, said the PNP is serious with its internal cleansing program.
“We will never tolerate the misconduct within our ranks, thus, I have already ordered the investigation of our three police personnel assigned in this office who were allegedly having an unruly drinking session at Shakey’s Abreeza on Jan. 22,” Carumba said.
I will take your words on this, Sir. For sure you heard the warning of the police director to all precinct and unit commanders that they will also be held liable if their subordinates are caught violating the order. Let the erring cops suffer the consequences of their act.


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