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Tabula Rasa | Art as a hobby

I am caught in a generation where life then and now could hardly meet eye to eye. I say this without regrets and in fact with pride that I have crossed the line of stepping into a totally different generation. Thankful here that I enjoy an iPad, a cellphone and write on a laptop with a senior citizen badge. Everything is instant and becomes the norm.

From the time where I came from, I loved seeing my mother seated in her easy chair, with hands spinning with two knitting needles making a sweater, other times quilting and patching pieces of cloths to form a tapestry. Those were the times about ten years after World War 2. We never called what she did and what she taught us her children which we still do until today as hobbies. Necessities, were the words we called them.

Then, we stepped into the next generation when people were bored, or at times needed some diversions and longed to do other things different from what they usually do, and they called them hobbies. An array of choices, from sports, to collecting anything, to music , arts and countless ideas were without limits. Undeniably, they were positive personal developments, became income earning and happily sustained.

Now comes a totally different generation, coming too fast and headlong without warning riding on gadgets, electronics, instant communication that makes the world smaller and within reach. It is still the desire of many, like this writer that hobbies are to be sought after, nurtured and sustained.

Hobbyists enthusiastically display their art works with pride. They represent a new group of this generation encouraging others to uphold the positive benefits of engaging hobbies for a healthier society. So begin now, do good with a hobby and have fun, for who knows where it can bring you.

By Ging Navarro-Descallar


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