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SURVEY | Davaoeños weigh in on PRRD’s 18 promises

THE University of Mindanao Institute of Popular Opinion conducted an online survey from March 22 to 30, 2021 targeting Davaoeños from the three districts of the City to evaluate whether President Duterte successfully delivered his 18 common promises made during his presidential bid last 2016. 

Since the survey was done online as physical contact was not allowed during the time of conduct of the survey, IPO relied heavily on online survey of Facebook users who are residents of Davao City, at least 18 years old, and are targeted for contact within the defined geographical radius. A total of 1,200 respondents were contacted in random and systematically targeted.

Table 1. Rankings of the Dabawenyos’ opinion on the actual delivery of the 18 common promises made by outgoing President Duterte during his 2016 presidential bid

Quality/Attribute/Priority %
Improving wages and equipment of the military and the police 56.2%
Suppress crime rates 55.7%
Increase infrastructure spending 53.7%
Killing big time drug lords and suppression of drug trade 46.8%
Stopping corruption in the government 37.4%
Opening health facilities in every barangay 32.2%
Rolling out Davao City’s Law and Order measures on national level 31.7%
Solve recent traffic problems in Metro Manila 31.2%
Stopping big mining companies in Mindanao that damage the environment 19.1%
Amending the Constitution to lift laws restricting foreign investments 19.1%
Improve internet connectivity and access 18.8%
Ending illegal labor contractualization 16.8%
Promoting family planning to prevent overpopulation 16.1%
Dismantling the cartel of alleged rice smugglers 13.9%
Decentralization of Philippines by pushing federal form of government 10.6%
Distribute coco levy funds to farmers 7.9%
Halt previous land reform programs 6.7%
Lay claim to the nearest Chinese-occupied island/s 4.0%

Note: Multiple responses up to five allowed


Survey revealed that 5 to 6 of 10 Dabawenyos saw exemplarily delivery of four out of 18 promises: improving wages and equipment of the police and military (56.2%), suppression of crimes (55.7%), increasing infrastructure spending (53.7%), and killing bug time drug lords and suppression of drug trade (46.8%). Meanwhile, 37.4% (around 4 out of 10) of the Dabawenyos believed that Duterte was able to stop corruption in the government. 

President Duterte made controversial statements during his campaign, threatening to roll out law and order initiatives of Davao City on a nationwide scale, amendment of the Constitution for its anti-foreign investment restrictions, pushing for federalism, and ending endo and targeting large corporation violators in the process. Based on the survey: 31.7% of the Dabawenyos believed that the President is successful in rolling out Davao City’s law and order measures on national level; 19.1% of the respondents believed that he was successful in amending certain anti-foreign investment clauses of the Constitution with the passing of Republic Act No. 11659 (Public Service Act of 2022); 16.8% said that stopping of illegal labor contractualization (endo) was delivered, with more than 70,000 contractual workers regularized nationwide as per DOLE; and 10.6% believed that Duterte has been successful in laying down the work towards federalism. 

Meanwhile, bottom three of his promises which were rated the least included laying claim to the nearest Chinese-occupied island/s (4%), halting previous land reform programs (6.7%), and distributing coco levy funds to farmers (7.9%).


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