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Scene City: Science around me

To encourage students how to think and act like young scientists, Stockbridge American International School conducts a Science Fair Program annually. An event like this contributes to the kids’ social development and increases their presentation skills. This year, the fair was hosted by the Science Fusion club from the K12 department with the theme: “Science around me”. The fair was conducted inside the school’s Audio-visual room from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon. The event was attended by all the students from Pre-kindergarten, K-12 students and the parents. The school’s objective was to make the students notice and reveal objects of science that are noticeable in plain sight but, at times, are unnoticed. And more importantly, allow the kids to develop research, cooperation, collaboration and learn presentation of skills.

The Stockbridge family all happy after a successful Science Fair 2019.

“At preschool stage, students begin to form a basic opinion about science. Thus, one must develop engaging, exciting materials and experiences to inspire and motivate young learners to pursue the science around them” says Ms. Careen Bian, VP for Operations.

Science education fosters problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Students exposed to a wide array of science knowledge tend to innovate and make decisions intelligently. It is considered a core subject as it cultivates lifelong skills.

School Principal Ms. Leah Linda Brigole sharing her gratitude and happiness for the participation of everyone

The school invited Mr. Joshua L. Donato, a Field Biologist, to share his expertise in plant, animal and human interaction and how science surrounds him every single day as a Field Biologist. “I live in the mountains sometimes for weeks and dangers are present everyday such as malaria or being hunted by animals. One time our camp area was flooded.” His talk tackled everyday discoveries and challenges of working in the field as well as a presentation about animals and plant facts. He asked:  “Do you know what the largest flower is? The world’s largest bloom is called Rafflesia. This can grow as wide as 3 feet across and weigh up to 15 pounds!”

Science Fusion Club head Ms. Sasha Godoy, helping the kids create their own science project.

After the talk, a video presentation was shown. The Science Fusion team then demonstrated the experiments to the younger Pre-K students. Parents also attended and witnessed the showcase of projects by the students. There were interactive science projects and video presentations, games and science crafts on display. The project that was declared the Best Science Project was the Coloring Machine of Juan Miguel Dela Cruz [Grade 3], Benjamin Fedor Cadayona [Grade 3], and Angelo Alfred Go [Grade 2]. The experiments were the: Electric Play Dough, Stone from Milk, Wind Turbine, Simple Electric Propeller Car and Coloring Machine.“I really enjoyed making our Science Project. We learned to work as a team and cooperated with our groupmates” says Juan Miguel Dela Cruz, Grade 3,

Teachers also agree on the importance of guiding students toward ideas that allow them to become part of the scientific process.

The K-12 kids of SAIS wanted to involve themselves as they participated in answering the trivia facts during the Science Fair

“Too often, kids think that science is just about memorizing facts rather than active and live processes”, says Ms. Sasha Godoy, K12 Science adviser.

Members of the Science Fusion Club, Ali Yusoph Bato, Gustavo Javier Secuya, and Hanuel Kim presenting their Science Project “Electric Playdough”.

Kids learn by doing and at their age they have lots of questions. This kind of event sparks ideas in kids’ minds that they too, may one day be capable of creating solutions and find answers. Though Science Fair is time-consuming, it is gratifying

Stockbridge kids all happy and excited to ask questions


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