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Lanao del Sur marks its 64th founding anniversary

Indonesian Ambassador Agus Widjojo and Lanao Del Sur Gov. Mamintal A. Alonto, Jr.

AS LANAO del Sur honors its significant 64th founding anniversary and ventures on a month-long celebration starting on July 4, the city of Marawi and others proudly showcase the promising future they hold for Mindanao and the Philippines.

Amidst the crowd of elevated spirits and profound refinement, the esteemed presence of Governor Mamintal Alonto Adiong added a touch of old-fashioned humility and relentless devotion to the event.

Delivering his inspiring keynote speech, he emphasized the paramount significance of maintaining and cherishing Meranaw culture and heritage, encouraging the people to delve into the historical annals and their long-withstanding resiliency with the highest regard.

Vice Governor Mujam Adiong, Jr give an inspirational talk.

“Today, more than ever, we shall bask in a profound sense of pride and consciousness regarding our identity and origins, particularly in light of triumphing over the arduous chapters of our history, such as the 2017 Marawi siege, the scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the episodes of insurgencies within our local communities,” said Adiong at the inauguration of the captivating Pakaradiyaan o Sarimanok 2023.

Promising an abundance of opportunities for Mindanaoans within the province, the day kicked off with the optimistic launch of the Meranaw Academy during the opening ceremony.

Incorporated within the all-encompassing “Strategies for Culture” under the inspired Vision 2040 or Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan, this initiative emphasizes the importance of protecting and promoting Meranaw heritage and traditions as fundamental elements of Lanao del Sur’s development journey.

It recognizes the profound potential of cultural tourism as a catalyst for economic growth, an aspiration achievable only through the harmonious embrace of the populace and determined safeguarding by the government.

Renowned for his relentless efforts in transforming Lanao del Sur into a certified destination for people from all walks of life, Vice Governor Mujam Adiong, a passionate and engaged young leader, vows to perpetuate progress and consistently introduce innovative and relevant approaches throughout his term.

The month-long celebration proves that it is not the scars of conflict that define them but rather the radiant culture that has fostered, preserved, and breathed life into the ever-evolving city.

Marawi City invites all wanderers and adventurers to discover its abundant offerings of gastronomic delights and recreational pursuits. As the business sector thrives, Marawi is rapidly transforming into a flourishing food hub reminiscent of the renowned culinary destination of Tagaytay.

Tourists nationwide and locals are herding to Marawi to partake in its culinary treats and witness the city’s astonishing resurgence. The mayor and the governor have jointly assured visitors that Lanao del Sur is now a harbor of peace, allowing everyone to explore the vibrant offerings without worry.

Maranao Cultural dance troupe sprinkles joy to the audience.

Amidst the challenging circumstances, the spirit of resilience and innovation shines brightly in Marawi’s local entrepreneurs. Inspired by the success of food tourism in other parts of the country, they are creating an array of exciting ideas for coffee shops and dining establishments. Bo’s Coffee, a well-established brand, has already recognized the potential of Marawi’s culinary scene and has ventured into the city.

Furthermore, the initiative of Vice Governor Adiong toward the youth of Marawi is fueling hope for a brighter future. With a focus on empowering the Maranao youth, the Vice Governor envisions a younger generation pivotal in the city’s continued growth and success.


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