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Safety First! Hedcor warns against kite flying near power lines

NURTURING A SAFETY CULTURE. Kite entanglement with transmission lines poses a serious safety hazard, especially for children, and can lead to power disruptions due to higher voltage levels.

Did you also enjoy flying kites during school breaks as a kid? As the break begins, many children are eager to engage in fun outdoor activities like kite flying. But beware, flying kites near high-voltage transmission lines can be extremely dangerous and even fatal.

Hedcor, an Aboitiz Power Renewable Energy Asset Manager, reminds the public of the significant dangers associated with flying kites near transmission lines.

While electricity in homes requires caution, being near high-voltage transmission lines demands even greater care to avoid serious hazards. When a kite comes into contact with these lines, it can create a conductive path for electricity, leading to severe injuries or even death.

Hedcor emphasizes kite safety near transmission lines, urging everyone to fly kites in safer areas for a risk-free experience.

Jeffrey Linagtong, Hedcor Sibulan-Tudaya Grid Manager, explains, “Flying kites near transmission lines is extremely dangerous. Home electricity is around 220 volts, but transmission lines carry up to 138,000 volts. This significant difference can cause severe injury or death if a kite touches a line, and it can also lead to power outages. Let’s work together to keep kites away from these lines to ensure safety and reliable power.”

Furthermore, a kite caught in power lines can cause significant disruptions. Such incidents can lead to power outages, affecting the community by interrupting electricity generation and distribution.

Hedcor believes that it is vital to remind children and their families about these potential dangers and ensure they understand why certain areas are off-limits. While kite flying is a delightful activity, it is essential to do so in designated safe areas, such as open fields, far from any power lines or electrical equipment.

In addition to raising awareness about the hazards of kite flying near transmission lines, Hedcor is dedicated to broader community development and safety initiatives, fostering a culture of safety in communities across the country.

Hedcor is an AboitizPower Renewable Energy Asset Manager with over 40 years of experience in delivering reliable energy.


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