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ROUGH CUTS | Today starts the ‘draining’ days for local bets     

Vic N. Sumalinog

FOR this edition of our column we would get out of the confines of Davao City and tackle instead political developments in some other provinces in the Davao Region.

     In Davao Oriental, we were informed that come-backing gubernatorial candidate Corazon N. Malanyaon who is the incumbent congresswoman of one of the two districts of the Eastern Davao Province, would simply be having a “walk-in-the-park” luxury in getting back to her former Mati capitol seat. Cora has no opponent since incumbent governor Nelson Dayanghirang has agreed to a swap of positions. Governor Nelson is running in Cora’s district as congressman.

     However, we learned only lately that the lady lawmaker and gubernatorial bet cannot just be acting like watching a sailboat passing by. She has to do a lot of interventions in the mayoralty run of her nephew, the son of former mayor Camilo Nunez of the Municipality of Cateel, Cora’s hometown.

     From the information we got a few days ago we found out that Cora’s nephew’s adversary is a certain Engineer Veroy, now the acting Vice Mayor of the town. Veroy, according to reports, is banking on his accomplishments as councilor and then Vice Mayor, as well as his personally-funded projects in some barangays of the municipality.

     On the other hand, Cora’s nephew is said to be relatively a neophyte in the town’s politics. Hence he needs a lot of guidance and support for his own campaign. And Cora being an old hand in politics both in Davao City and in her own Davao Oriental, is the most logical “go-to” person for the young aspirant kin.

     In other words, despite the absence of an opponent for candidate Cora, she can’t afford to go slow right in her own hometown. Or else, she will find herself coasting comfortably in the entire province but losing her own turf – Cateel.

     Knowing Cora Nunez Malanyaon though, we are certain she can very well confront whatever odds arrayed her way.

     Meanwhile, over in Davao del Sur, the province which the family of the late Governor Douglas “Dodo” Cagas may have considered their fiefdom, some degree of excitement would probably be experienced by the residents in the area.

     Top Davao Region law practitioner and college dean Israelito Torreon is running for governor against the wife of erstwhile governor Mark Cagas, the son of the late Dodo Cagas.

     Torreon is from Bansalan of the said province and is reported to have put in a lot of person-to-person interactions as his advance political investment in the province.

     But even as we did not have any opportunity to be personal friend of the young lawyer we know how capable he is if given the chance to be governor, through the experiences with him  of some close friends of ours who have some dealings with the lawyer. We have read a lot about him who now is Davao del Sur gubernatorial candidate in an article written by fellow journalist Henrylito Tacio, as well as heard about him through words of mouth from a common friend Ramesh “Ram”Purswani.

     We can only wish good luck to Atty. Torreon in his first attempt to change career but still in the service of the people, especially those of the Southern Davao Province.


     Today, Friday, March 25, 2022, is a lively day for candidates to local government elective positions as well as of the Congressional posts. But it is also the start of the candidate’s anxiety waiting for forty five (45) days until election time knowing that they can never be certain of the outcome of their run until the last ballot is counted.

     Moreover, the campaign period is a hugely draining experience in terms of financial and material resources, physical, and emotional. The whole length of the 45-day period would be the most stressful for candidates especially if along with the resource draining activities they’ll be confronted with low standings in surveys of potential winners.

     But of course it is a given that the first day of the official campaign period is one that is full of hope and expectations both for the candidates and their supporters.

     For now we can only hope that as the campaign period starts to heat up the candidates will remain civil with each other and carry their campaign in the highest standard.

     For comments and/or reactions we can be reached through our e-mail address:; Mobile No. 09392980435; or Landline No. 2372169.



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