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ROUGH CUTS | This shocks us to the core

We have no idea what is in store for us in the remaining nine months of the year 2024. Already the first three months seem to have brought us problems that the family has to endure for sometime.

Yesterday morning we woke up with another problem that we still have to figure out how it happened and how we can confront the same.

Yes, we were shocked to the maximum when we received our water bill for the period January 25 to February 24, 2024. We were billed a total amount of P32,097.30. Our previous bill was only about four thousand pesos, understandably because we have two adult guests from the US who stayed with us from December 3 to January 21.

But with the P32 thousand bill we had to rush to the location of our meter to check. We shut off all faucets to make sure that no water flows after the meter. What we saw jolted us. The meter was running at full speed. Hence, there is no doubt that there could be a big leak in the pipe leading to the house.

We immediately checked at areas where the leaks could be since our pipes are all outside the house. We found not a single indication of leaks. There is no water seepage on the ground soil; no subsidence either.

For now we still have to further check our line while implementing some stopgap measures to control the flow of the water. Meanwhile, we will schedule a trip to the office of the Davao City Water District (DCWD) to seek the inspection of our meter for possible defects.

For the meantime however, we have to believe that there indeed is a leak. It is just unfortunate that we have to deprive our family with an amount equivalent to our four months market budget if we have to have our connection continued. But we do not even have it.

If the challenges that we have in the first quarter of this year is any foreboding of what is to come during the rest of the year, then this early we have to have our knees already on the ground and surrender our fate to the Most Supreme being.

Of course there are ways to meet the challenges head on. And that is how we lived our life all these years.
So much with our personal life. Now we know the police authorities in the Davao Region are just waiting for legal orders to arrest Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. This is according to the spokesperson of the Police Regional Office 11 in Panacan, P/Maj. Catherine dela Rey.

According to her, the local police will act on the legal order as “a fair law enforcement of police officers, no matter the personalities or status of the alleged offender.”

She added that police personnel will be deployed outside the Jose Maria College in Buhangin as soon as they receive the directive from their headquarters.

Well there is this saying that “The taste of the pudding is in the eating.” It is worth the public’s watch.

But as we said in our previous column, we have this suspicion that the public could be in for an extremely well-thought of legal maneuvers. And we mean the recent activation of the cases against the Pastor with the Department of Justice. The move will shield the religious leader from any attempt to have him extradited to the US where he is reported to be facing charges in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

”Let us to see,” according to the late Davaoeno Senator Landring Almendras.



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