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ROUGH CUTS | They’re now preparing their kin


THE TROLLS from the opposition farm these days who are chastising the President and his administration, appear to be focusing their attacks on what they term as the President’s uncouth language that he spouts in his speeches every now and then.  Yes, they are equating what they claim as the “palpaks” in the Duterte administration to his oftentimes use of gutter language which has been a natural in coming off his mouth.

     But in so doing, in their efforts to destroy the President and his administration, the trolls are themselves using the very language that they hate the President of. In other words, they are trying to “out-gutter” the President just so they can reach the objective which they may be paid for by their patrons.

     As for the President however, from the very start of his campaign he was honest enough to tell the people that he cannot reinvent himself just to make it appear that he is this or that refined person just to convince the Filipinos that he can govern and run the nation. And based on his majority over his closest rival after the election it was apparent that most of the people believed in him.  That is,  because of his personal character many would conclude he is a sinner, but he could also do things that saints can do for the good of the majority.

     Now, the opposition through its trolls are actually doing a “Duterte” hoping that their candidates could be catapulted to their desired position using the President’s unconventional strategy. How far they could go is something worth watching. Let us see.


     One of the best quotes we ever read in the posted messages on Facebook yesterday in connection with last Sunday’s celebration of Fathers’ Day was this that was shared to us by a niece and her family serving as caption in their photo together. It says: “A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” It is challenging for the man as it is also inspiring to the children. The question though is how many children think of such?


     From our knowledge these days, there are a number of City Councilors in Davao City who are in their last term and are not eligible to run for reelection. But based even on our cursory observation of their actuations, they are already building the image of one or two of their immediate relatives, mostly their own children, in preparation for taking over their slot in the line-up that they hope will be endorsed by the ruling family.

     Foremost of these are Councilors Pilar Braga and Boni Militar of the first district, Danilo Dayanghirang of the second district, and Jocyl Villafuerte of the third district. Pilar is slowly but surely pushing her daughter as possible replacement of hers in the line-up; So is Boni for his son; Danny is also preparing his own daughter and Villafuerte appears to be exposing her own scion as well.

     We have nothing against anyone who wishes her sons or daughters to be in public service. After all there is so far no such prohibition under the Constitution.  Such comes only as talks and promises during the onset of any Presidential election but when those who made the commitment get elected it is immediately flushed down the drain. 

     We need not recall far back. Was this not the promise of the sitting President when he was still campaigning? Was he not emphasizing on the need to amend the Charter to enshrine the prohibition of the “dynasty rule” in the country? But look where that commitment is now? 

     Where have all those who manifested a strong support for a Charter change gone? Yes, there are still those who are moving for the amendment. But this time however, the issue of forcing a “no dynasty” provision is set aside. What is being loudly talked about instead is the change in the Constitution’s economic provisions. The proponents are also pushing for the scrapping of the “no reelection” provision for certain positions and for the lifting of the 3-term limit of senators, congressmen, governor, mayors and the remaining positions down.

     Now, the last termer councilors are making the most of the present constitutional set-up. They can still have any of their family members take over their slots in the line-up and hopefully perpetuate their family names in office where some can make milking cows out of its perks.





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