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ROUGH CUTS | Their hate will only consume them

IT’S  ALREADY a little over a week after elections. Yet the highly partisan supporters of the Leni-Kiko tandem, as well as the two losing candidates are still not through with their desire to grab the positions – the ones that got away (TOTGA) from them.

Imagine how they talk of continuing their struggle to deliver the Philippines from the clutches of a regime that is headed by a son of a supposed dictator and plunderer! And they seem to strongly encourage the youth to go to the streets and demand the ouster of presumptive President Bongbong Marcos, Jr. even before he is sworn into office.

And then we have this sector of the student population of the University of the Philippines thinking that they are the only future of the motherland threatening to abandon their classes until Marcos Jr. resigns; that all the other young people, especially those who supported Marcos Jr. are not significant in the Philippine society.

Wow! How assuming can they get? Just because they are students of the country’s premier government school they have all the freedom of entitlements? Had they forgotten that they are the scholars of government and that their being so is paid for by the people of this republic?

Our advice for them: Go ahead, stop attending classes and proceed with what you plan to achieve your end – Marcos’s resignation, or better still assemble again at EDSA and do the power grab.

Of course “feeling-cheated-of-a-win” Kiko Pangilinan and his family had posted recently in social media their decision to go to the United States and remain there while Marcos Jr. is still in Malacanang. Why do they have to announce to high heavens their family’s intention? If that is what they want, they can go ahead and depart immediately. Why? Are they trying to generate sympathy?

Yes, the Leni-Kiko unreasonably fanatics are bombarding social media platforms with all sorts of fiery expletives against the front-running BBM-Sara tandem and the demeaning assertion that the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) allowed itself to be a major party of their allegations of vote manipulation to favor the BBM-Sara tandem.

Then all of them are able to have allies who by vocation, are supposed to be fair in dealing with issues on government because that is what is demanded of them under our Constitution (separation of state and church).  We are referring to some of the leaders of the country’s dominant Catholic religion. Some of the supposed shining examples of law abiding citizens have become the most vocal yet unfair critics to those who they have judged as sinners against the people and the Church. We wonder if they have a different interpretation of what Jesus Christ did to the criminals who were nailed on the cross alongside with him and the soldiers who crucified him in Golgotha thousands of years back – forgave them sans any condition.

Of course these men of the cloth will never run out of justification of their action. They will always refer to their primary responsibility of ministering to the moral and spiritual needs of the people; the flock. And by ministering their moral needs it includes giving them guidance on how they should act their role in the creation of a morally and spiritually-upright society.

However, we have observed that in the elections since the early 80s some church leaders have gone overboard. These few among the many but acknowledged of their influence by virtue of their high position in the Catholic Church hierarchy stared playing the role of “prosecutors, “judges” and “propagandists” for certain favored politicians. And certainly they have captive audiences although the latter may not necessarily be blind followers.

We cannot help of course if they will question our ranting over their actions. These church leaders can easily counter by may be asking why are we not chastising the other religious organizations like the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) or the El Sadai, the Jesus is Lord and others? They too, have their favored candidates or parties.

And why will we, when beyond endorsing a candidate or candidates or parties, or raising their hands, the latter churches do not make any abusive verbal and written attacks against other candidates who they do not agree with? They do not judge them nor deal on what they believed as “not acceptable” in the person or persons on their rejected aspirants.

The comportment though of some Catholic Church leaders in regards to manifesting their preference of a party or candidates is too obvious that not even a hint of moderation is noticeable. Meaning they are all-out come hell or high water. The way they condemn candidates not of their liking seems to indicate their thought of their infallibility.

Now could we blame some people if they will entertain reservations in strengthening their faith in the Catholic Church?

Indeed this behavior of the losing politicians at the national level, specifically the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates and their subalterns, appears to support the assertion by no less than the Monarch of England that what is wrong with the Philippines is not our government but we the people.

We are hoping that sooner those who have made this observation by the queen of the British people adopted will be the first to disprove such. Give the winning candidate who they think is scion of a man who had done the gravest of sins against the Filipino people a “shot at redemption.” They should not continue hating him for their hate will eventually consume themselves.

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