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ROUGH CUTS | The fight for the 2 SP seats

Vic N. Sumalinog

A RECENT post on Facebook goes something like this: “The so-called EDSA People’s Power in 1986 was peaceful. No one was hurt in the massive show of human bodies moving towards Malacanang  to oust a President of a repressive government. But a rally of a group of farmers at Mendiola months after resulted in the massacre of over ten rally participants.”

     We have no idea if the post is politically-motivated. If it is, then we have our own way of interpreting its meaning. What about you dear readers, how would you interpret the text of the post?


     On the first night of the lifting of the modified liquor ban in Davao City and the downward adjustment of the alert level in the city from the previous Alert Level 3 to Level 2 a night life establishment was caught on video seemingly violating the minimum health protocols under the current pandemic regime – that of maintaining social distancing and wearing of face mask. The establishment is reportedly located along Ilustre st. 

     According to news reports the number of customers dancing the night away was within the allowable limits for such establishment under the Alert Level 2. The customers as reported numbered about a hundred and the capacity of the night joint is two hundred people, according to the report.

     We are certain that the management of the establishment is aware of the various protocols. But what we cannot be sure about is the management’s firmness in ensuring that its customers comply with the restrictions and the mandate to obey the minimum health protocols.

     We are aware that businesses like night joints such as disco bars underwent a heavy beating in the over two years of the pandemic. Thus, an opportunity for the business to resuscitate itself is a welcome one. It is our take that the management of the concerned disco bar did not really have the intention to go against the mandate of government. Rather, it could be that the management was taking advantage on an opportunity to start making a rebound in their business.

     Now the violations were committed. How the local government and health authorities deal with the problem without adding more damage to an economic enterprise already gasping for breath to survive, we still have to see.

     And whether or not the management of the joint will be able to justify to the satisfaction of the authorities their violations – intentional or not – again we still have to see.

     At stake here is the survival of one sector that is contributing to the efforts to have the local economy recover. Also on the line is the firmness of government to impose policies intended to address the impact of the pandemic on the people among whom are the disco establishment customers on that night.

      Again to quote the late maverick Davaoeno senator Landring Almendras, “Let us to see.”  In Cebuano, “Tan-awon nato.”


     In the third district of Davao City, ten candidates are running for the eight council seats allotted for the area. Of the ten aspirants six are incumbents and are running for reelection. The re-electionists apparently stand to have a better chance of winning seats compared to the new aspirants. 

     If this idea is to be believed, then it would mean that the four new candidates will be elbowing each other to be able to get the remaining two seats if we have to assume that the reelection of the six incumbents is a given. 

     Who are these candidates who will be squeezing their way to get into the Magic 8? They are the two Villafuerte cousins, the mother of outgoing councilor Antoinette Principe, and one former Barangay Captain in Toril District Bebot(?) Clarion who ran in the 2019 local polls but lost.

     One thing common among the four is that they are all claiming to be endorsees of both the Sara-led Hugpong ng Pagbabago and the Duterte the father President-led Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod. How they exploit their being endorsees to the fullest, we are sure, may spell their destiny in the race for the two seats.

     The start of the official campaign period for local elective positions is still a little less than a month away. And we are not anymore surprised if some proverbial “early birds searching for worms to catch” are already in the prowl. And believe us, the one candidate with better organization will surely be that more successful “early bird” to catch the worms – the votes in his or her favor.

     For comments and/or reactions our readers can reach us through our e-mail address; Mobile 09392980435, or landline 2372169.



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