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Rough Cuts: Race to the Magic 8 in the 3rd district

It’s barely a little over a week and the campaign for local elective positions will start rolling. That is, officially.

We say officially, because in actuality the campaign by candidates for local positions specifically for councilors in Davao City’s three districts has long been launched by some aspirants. As far as the positions of Congressmen, mayor and vice mayor of the city, there is no more need for campaigning because the candidates have no opponents. And we are talking of reelectionist Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, first district congressional aspirant Pulong Duterte, comebacking Vincent Garcia of the second district, and another comebacking candidate Isidro “Sid” Ungab of the third district. The most that could happen to the three unopposed congressional bets is that they will have to campaign only for the Council candidates in their respective district that they are personally supporting.

As for mayor Sara she is busy leading the campaign sorties of senatorial candidates her party, the Hugpong sa Pagbabago, is endorsing as well as the local candidate in other provinces, cities and municipalities  that have coalesced with her Hugpong.

Of course we are still maintaining our position that towards the last day of the campaign period Davao City’s Mayor Sara may still “switch” candidacies with her brother Paolo. She becoming the unopposed congressional bet for the city’s first district, and he (Pulong) running this time also unopposed, as mayor of Davao City.

This political ambition of the eldest Presidential son is not a well-guarded secret. So, the May 13 mid-term election is the best opportunity to have that plan attained without the hassle of spending a fortune to get the position.

And Mayor Inday Sara? Well, she will be catapulted to the position closer to where the choice of the potential Presidential candidate of the administration party will be emanating.

Yet, again, Mayor Sara will have to pitch for her local candidates and her open endorsement of certain council bets  in the districts will show who are her preferences among the many council aspirants that have been seeking for her support.

So by the day the official campaigning period for local candidates sets in every vacant space available, designated common poster sites or not, will already be plastered with campaign materials showing collaged picture of the local candidates with hands raised by the lady mayor, and by the congressmen.

Meanwhile, there are early birds in the campaign trail among the  sitting councilors as much as there are also early risers among the come-backing and first time aspirants.

In the third district for example the most prominent among the large billboard installers is reelectionist Conde Baluran. Splashed with his grinning extra large picture the campaign billboard is effectively camouflaged as roofing and side shield of parking tents for tricycles and “habal-habals,” and waiting shades for students in school vicinities.

Then we have come-backing Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz’s campaign posters cum 2019 calendars. Posted in strategic locations all over the third district, the calendar posters cleverly provides viewer information as to dates, days, holidays and other significant festivities during the current year, May 13 elections included.

We also have new comer former Mintal Barangay captain Abay Bargamento. In terms of popularity in the entire district he has a lot of rice to eat  before he can be at the level of Baluran and Dalodo-Ortiz; or even with come-backing former councilor Nonoy Al-ag, Vice Mayor Bernie Al-ag’s elder brother who always came out on the top in elections during his previous terms.

On the other hand appointed councilor Barangay Captain Clarion is making a capital of his identity as a Pulong Duterte guy in the city council. And this identity is seemingly buttressed by his numerous tarps bearing his picture with that of VM Pulong and Mayor Inday.

Of course we believe that the candidate to watch is outgoing third district congressman Engr. Alberto “Abet” Ungab, younger brother of unopposed congressional candidate Isidro Ungab of the same district.

We are saying that he is a candidate to watch because how he will fare in the Sanggunian polls for the district could be a reflection of his own performance in Congress. It would also be a test of the influence of his brother who had not lost an election since he joined politics in Davao City.

Reelectionist Jesus Zozobrado Jr. however, is one silent performer whom we have observed to only make some appreciable noise  on accomplishments he knows have impacted positively on his constituents.

Two other lady council incumbents in the third district Dr. Mary Joselle Villafuerte and Lawyer Petite Principe are very far from considered “negatable.” They too are performers in their own right.

So, it is our take that those who will get into the magic 8 in the third district’s Sanggunian race will be determined by the campaign strategy each candidate adopts and who among them have the more “weighty” endorser.

Good luck ladies and gentlemen!



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