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ROUGH CUTS | Our New Year’s greetings

THIS column is our last for the year 2022.  We are devoting a good part of this column in greeting our met and still to be met friends especially those who have in one way or the other made some kind of impact in our life in the past 365 days.

     First and foremost we are wishing a Happy and Prosperous New Year to Maj. Gen. Michael John Dubria and family, and Marlu Viilarosa and family. The Police General and Marlu had been friends to us for some time already although we still never had the chance to meet personally. Our connection with each other is only through the social media.

     In the case of General Dubria, we knew him during his stint as Director of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) where he implemented a program that to us was very effective in restoring the trust of the people in their policemen. He did it by “walking the talk” on the police community relations program where the then colonel concentrated on reaching out to the community with focus on the aged individuals who were housed in homes created for the purpose of giving them shelter. The General whose family remains to be resident of a low cost subdivision south of the city also had children in halfway houses as beneficiaries of his program even as he did not forget  to engage his policemen in community building.

     And we were not surprised that he did all those measures to instill in the policeman’s mind that all those in the service are not just there as peace keepers; that they, too, are part of the community hence they have the inherent responsibility of building a society that they are not just there to protect but also to help it grow and progress. After all they are part of it.

     Meanwhile, we had connected with Marlu Villarosa who we learned had served as an auxiliary of the New York Police Department (NYPD) while he and his family were still in the United States. He told me through social media specifically Messenger, that he had been following our column. And we believe him because there were several instances that he gave constructive reactions and even gave us ideas on what to write based on his own experiences with the NYPD and on his observations on what is happening in Philippine society and governance.

     There were times that we deferred in opinion on certain issues.  But as always we end up agreeing on what we believe is best for society.

     We are looking forward that this year 2023, the three of us will finally be able to have the time to meet each other.

     Now for the friends we have already met previously and those who we are still seeing every now and then these days. For fear that we might be missing some names because of their number, we would rather greet then a Happy and Prosperous 2023 in lump or group.

     First we are extending our New Year’s greetings to our former colleagues at the Commission on Population (POPCOM) Regional Office XI where we used to work for a number of years. Then our New Year’s felicitations go to our media colleagues both in the broadcast and print. It was our stint in the media that made us a little name in the city after several years of journalistic work.

     Our New Year’s greetings too, go to our former fellow employees of Davao Light and Power Co. It was in this business establishment that we spent the longest as employee. We worked with fellow Davao Light Kaibigans for 20 long years until our retirement in December of 2013.

     Of course we will not forget to wish a Happy and Prosperous 2023 to all our readers. They are the ones who inspire us to keep on writing. We hope that all of you will not tire of following our every column even if you disagree with our views. 


      The many public utility vehicle drivers and ordinary citizens who were recipients of gift packs from the city government, from former mayor and President  Rodrigo Duterte’s family, from Vice President Sara Duterte Carpio, and from no less than President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. have indeed a lot to thank for this holiday season.

     This is the first time ever in Davao City that a former top city and national official, an incumbent President and Vice President, an incumbent city mayor all bring gifts to the lucky ones, mostly from the disadvantaged sector of the city population.

     We can only hope that all these acts of kindness are innate part of their person and not motivated by their ambition to keep themselves on top of the political ladder.

       Again,  a Happy and Progressive New Year to all!



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