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ROUGH CUTS | These rumor mongers

WHY are some people who are hiding their identities under the cloak of the cyber mantle insisting that there is a surge in criminality all over Davao City and the Southern Mindanao Region?

     Who are they trying to discredit, the new city mayor; the police? Frankly we do not have any idea who. But we are certain their objective is to start creating a mindset for people residing in Davao City and those who intend to travel in this southern Metropolis that the place is no heaven as they might have been made to believe.

     But personally, even if we do not agree with netizens that the city is into opening itself as haven of criminals, we believe that the authorities, civilian or the police or military, should not ignore this baseless assertion.

     As we have noted earlier the first sector to react negatively to the claim of rising criminalities, is the police organization. And rightly so because the men in uniform are supposed to be the guardians of the long-known city’s peace and order situation.

     However, the one reaction we are eagerly waiting for is that which comes from newly-minted City Mayor Baste Duterte. We don’t know how he feels being suspected as weak in governance because of his failure to deal with a problem which is intended to  pot him on the edge.

     Yes, Mayor Baste needs to let those gossip mongers feel how their allegations are pissing him off. Of course it is a totally different story if the youthful mayor is in accord with the claims of some netizens about the crime situation in the city.


     Here is this Facebook post supposedly attributed to the Singapoe Ministry of Health regarding the discovery by doctors in that small city state that after all, CoViD 19 is not caused by a virus but by a bacteria exposed to a radiation. According to the post Singaporean doctors violated the established protocol of the World Health Organization (WHO) by conducting an autopsy on a CoViD 19 patient who died earlier.

     The autopsy result, according to the Singaporean doctors who conducted the procedure, the bacteria is the one that made the patient’s blood clot with the coagulated liquid blocking every important organs of the human body where the flow of blood is extremely critical.

     As a result, according to the medical practitioners conducting the autopsy,  the CoViD patients already getting blood clots in his or her body becomes easier victim of the deadly illness. But with the Singaporeans” discovery they suddenly changed the approach in administering medicine to the CoViD patients giving him or her simple aspirin to treat the coagulating body liquid.

    With the Singaporean discovery, according to the post at Facebook, the city states’ Health Ministry believes that the CoViD 19 pandemic, despite its millions of people killed, is one global fraud that shook the health and economic foundation of the entire universe.

     True or not however, it is now clear that whether the CoViD 19 illness is caused by a deadly virus, or an exceedingly harmful bacteria, one thing clear is that based on the present number of pandemic victims’ newly afflicted, new deaths, attack rate, etc., etc. the world seems to be winning the war on a universal level.

     Slowly though, but quite surely.




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