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RANDOM THOUGHTS |That’s what Friends are for”





“Prayer For Friends”

“THANK you Lord for the gift of my friends.
Thank you for the time and opportunity to know and share life with them.
I feel your presence through their love, sincerity, concern, encouragement, and forgiveness.

Dear God, please pour your blessings and graces upon my friends; provide for their spiritual and materials needs.
Make our friendship strong especially during times of misunderstanding and differences.
Keep us true to one another, committed to give loving support especially through prayers even as we walk separate roads in life.

Help us not to be too eemotionally attached; rather may we learn to let go when it is time to let go.
And most of all, may You be the center of our friendship, You who alone is the rest of all best friends.
Amen.” (Athilaya James and Belen Liboon).

The title of this article was taken from a song about friends. One of my best friends is Providencia “Didi” Nunez, former member of the Provincial Board of the Province of Davao del Norte. Her husband, Atty. Maximo C. Nunez was also, member of the Provincial Board of Davao del Norte Province. He was assassinated way back in 1985, moments after hee came out from a labor negotiation. Investigation had been conducted but ended no where just like other assassination cases in the past.

Didi officially replaced her husband in said political immediately after his death. I represented then Congressman Rodolfo P. del Rosario in her installation as one of our Provincial Board members.
This started Didi and I, together with my protégée John Taroy, long years of collaborative political adventure in our province.

The three of us did a lot of magnificent political planning and maneuvering in Davao del Norte that undoubtedly helped than political Kingpin former Congressman and Governor Rodolfo P. del Rosario remain undefeated eversince of Modesty aside, yours truly caused the reprinting below Didi’s poem dedicated to me not only to share with ours readeers the joy this poem brings to my heart but more so to inspire our readers to promote “love of neighbors” and ultimately “Love of God”.

The Man, Florence R. Gavino III

“An Architect by profession,
Yet designs not with a modeling scalpel nor a T-square;
A Bullder, not with a chisel nor a hammer, of a generation with great hope and new spirit.
“His graying hair and stroke of his pen, his sword of might and power, from a deeply-rooted passion translates his ideals for youth development, people’s spiritual renwal, professional enrichment, and sustainable socio-economic, and political advancements.

“Yes his book of inspiring and awakening thoughts that advocate national transformation, and yet they ring a bell for a non-radical call for change in a growing nation like ours, have been designed to significantly fashion out The New Filipino: a generation of loyal hearts, strong minds and character.

Watch for my 2 coming out books titled “Healing Our Sick Society” and “youth: The Fifth Estate.”

“His life—his pen will continue to leave an indelible mark in our society, And in our hearts are etched his imprints, A Legacy to the next generation He Champion even to this very day”


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