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Quiboloy may not endorse for 2019 mid-term elections

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, with about four million followers nationwide, is still looking for candidates to support for the mid-term elections in May but will probably hold off his personal endorsement.
“I am thinking to keep it a secret. We will not probably endorse anyone because based on my experience, those who will not be endorsed usually get hurt,” Quiboloy told reporters on Friday during the soft opening of the Chinese New Year Celebration at The Villages, Prayer Mountain, Calinan District.
“For the local candidates, we also have not sit down yet with the leaders on who will we choose,” he added.
However, according to Quiboloy, many candidates are already scheduled to meet with him.
“The previous weeks, and even until next week, there were those who signified to meet me,” Quiboloy said.
Among the list of senatoriables who already met him were Ronald Dela Rosa, Juan Ponce Enrile, and Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel.
Quiboloy added that candidates “both from the opposition and the administration,” want to meet him. “I have been looking from the both sides but as of now, we have not chosen anyone to support yet,” Quiboloy said.
According to the pastor, the qualities that they are looking for a candidate is one who can help the country with its problems.
“We want those who can really help the country,” he said. “We just want anyone who can help the Filipinos, just like our President. I also want our societal problems especially drugs.”


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