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Publisher’s Notes: REVGOV, why not?!

An illustrious Mindanaoan, Reuben Canoy has this to say in a recent letter he sent to President Duterte, copy of which was “ccd” to me, which I now quote (sorry but without Manong Reuben’s permission to print but I’m sure he won’t protest):

“In connection with your statement in Palawan on 4 April 2019 regarding the possible suspension of the WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS, please allow me to make the following observation:

The problem of suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus is that, like the declaration of martial law throughout the country, it is still subject to approval by Congress. This move is certain to be met with vehement objection particularly by the political opposition, communist organizations, the Catholic Church, and the adversarial media. The ensuing storm of controversy would not only put your government on the defensive but divide the nation.

It is therefore more advisable to seize the moment and take everyone by surprise by declaring a REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT, thereby setting aside the Constitution and rendering irrelevant the process that would give detractors a chance to question the move.

The same constitutional reasons to justify martial law could well be invoked to institute a Revolutionary Government. The public needs no further convincing that we are, in fact, in the grip of LAWLESS VIOLENCE and REBELLION. Common and heinous crimes, political and drug-related killings occur daily and the communist New People’s Army persistently engages in military action in many provinces.

And what could be a more aggressive and devastating form of INVASION than the drug menace? Our country is virtually under attack by drug cartels based China, Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and Mexico. The shabu, marijuana, party drugs, and cocaine that they send to our shores inflict the same, if not more death and destruction than an invading army.” ( End of Manong Reuben’s letter)



I received this text message two days ago from former Cabinet Secretary ( DBM) Romy Neri which I learned he also blasted to many others:

“Now that the budget is pretty messed up, the President now has a justification for declaring a revolutionary government. He can abolish the Senate and House and put the huge savings in nationwide child and school feeding and fast track infra projects by removing the excessive bureaucratic fear of COA and the OMB. The people will approve. We can also fast track much needed political reforms.
Yes. Need to abolish this “pork barrel” state. Oliver Cromwell abolished the Parliament when it became too corrupt. “


An eminent lawyer, Atty Larry Gadon who is now a candidate for Senator has this to say: ( I leave this entirely in Filipino and wont attempt to translate so it is read in it’s actual context) :

“Hindi bago ang pagdeklara ng Revolutionary Government sa ating bansa. Ginawa rin ito noong sakop tayo ng mga Hapon.

Ginawa ito ni Cory Aquino noong March 25, 1986 isang buwan pa lamang na nakaupo after umalis si Pangulong Marcos at ng EDSA1.

Nanumpa siya under 1973 Philippine Constitution ngunit noong March 25, 1986, nagpalabas siya ng kauutusan (Proclamation No. 3) at HINDI NA NIYA KINILALA ang 1973 Constitution.

Ayon sa Proclamation No. 3, nabuwag din ang Batasang Pambansa at ang puwesto ng Bise Presidente na si Doy Laurel.

Nag-adopt siya ng isang temporary Constitution na tinawag niyang Freedom Constitution.
Pinalitan niya lahat ang mga nanalong local officials sa buong bansa tulad ng Makati, itinalaga niya si Atty. Jojo Binay na OIC Mayor at tinanggal ni Cory ang nanalong Mayor na si Nemesio Yabut (ama ng tumatakbo ngayon na Mayor ng Makati na si Ricky Yabut).

Nag-appoint si Cory ng 50 members ng isang Constitutional Commission na gumawa ng 1987 Constitution at dito nakasaad na Presidential ang gobyerno ngunit multi-party o maraming partido ang pinayagan ng Constitution. May Party List pa na ito ay maganda kung Parliamentary ang form ng gobyerno.

Sinadya ito ng mga oligarko na supporters ni Cory para manatiling mahina ang sino man na pangulo ang mahalal katulad ngayon na 16M+ ang bumoto kay Pdu30, mahigit daw 40M ayaw o d bumuto sa kanya kaya dapat makisama siya sa mga naghaharing uri ng malalaking okigarko – eh astig si Digong!

Ngayon, kung magdeklara ng RevGov si Pangulong Digong sa pamamagitan ng isang Proclamation, pwedeng magsaad ito ng mga probisyon na naguutos ng pag-dissolve na ng Batasan at Senado at ang puwesto ng Bise Presidente tulad ng ginawa ni Cory
At mag-adopt siya ng isang interim Constitution na ginawa din naman ni Cory.
Sana naliwanagan kayo, mga katropa.”



Obviously, this may trigger a lively public discussion on this sensitive issue.

Here are some various comments from several sectors that I have gathered so far:
Martial Law was proclaimed and still in effect in Mindanao but terrorism and violent incidents still unabated with bombings here and there

Violent attacks on innocent and helpless civilians due to criminalities and drugs remain

Corruption still ongoing by people in public office

Due to poverty amongst the electorate, they tend to go where the money is hence reforms through popular, democratic elections are still unattained

The reforms that President Duterte are trying to bring are still not fully achieved in spite of his efforts and despite the use of the full force of the immense powers of the presidency

The President is half-way into his term but still the ills of the country still remain— in fact with more impunity

The remaining three years of his incumbency will have to be used fully to truly reform society as this can be our last chance.

Only President Duterte can do this. No one else.



I will publish in full any and all comments from the public on this, to provide a fair and balanced discourse on this so sensitive an issue.


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