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Plain and Simple: Traffic Whew!

Traffic is here. And it is going to be with us if it remains unsolved.
Traffic is expensive for all of us. For a taxi commuter like me, it means double my fare. What with the calibrated taxi meter!
If a taxi gets stuck in a traffic jam, it means 2 pesos per minute and 13:50 per kilometer. Whew!
And it means a loss to the driver because the taxi is not moving. It looks like only the operator gains from this calibration and traffic.
Not only this, but one is late going to house or office. Minus salary plus zero or undesirable performance. And if you are a teacher, you are late. Pupils and students may like it because they don’t have classes. But truth is students do not like this idea without their classes.
Students remember their strict teachers more than their friendly teachers. Why? Because strict teacher want them to really learn deeply.

– – – 0——

Two councilors of Davao City have been in the council since 1988. Davao was a quiet city then. Ordinary, and traffic was not the irritating language of the Davaoeños. The two are Councilors Pilar Braga and Bonnie Militar.
They have in government since 1988. To repeat, traffic was non entity then. Pilar and Bonnie were part of the Respicio team under the yellow party of President Cory Aquino. Bonnie was appointed councilor by DILG minister Nene Pimentel, Koko Pimentel’s father.
Pilar was with Kinsumo Davao and college dean of Rizal Memorial Colleges along Magallanes Street. RMC is now along Torres Street and Pilar has been city Councilor of Davao.
What have they done to legislate laws to arrest the traffic? I know Pilar had this so called Water Ordinance. And Bonnie had this Parking Ordinance. Whatever happened to these ordinances Concilors Pilar and Bonnie.
I can recall the project of Atty, Aris Albay. His Hapsay Dalan drive. I liked it then but what happened to it, Atty. Albay. Haven’t seen Aris. Would have been best to talk about that Hapsay Dalan drive.
And back to my favorite councilors. Pilar and Bonnie. For sure they are past their ‘70s and it’s a time of their life that they should celebrate each moment of their lives always.
Look at their tarps. They know it is a subtle campaigning and it is not a campaign period. But their tarps huge and loud are everywhere. They learned from their life as city councilors that RECALL among voters is important.
But that thing aside, what have Councilors Pilar and Bonnie done to help Davaoeños improve their lives.? What have they done to ease the traffic?
For sure they too are affected with this traffic? Since 1988, they have been there. For sure they observed the situation of Davao. Include Councilor Danny Dayanghirang too because he too was there since 1988.
I love to read their reports to the People of Davao. Must be a good read. Pilar and Bonnie should not be bothered because in the elections they have my vote.


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