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Plain and Simple: Taxi operators and tourism

No need to teach operators of taxis that their business is related and interconnected with tourism.
The likes of Atty. Largo, operator of Maro fleet of taxis, need no lessons on the taxi as an integral part of tourism. Tourism brings us money. And with this economy grows for our city and our people.
Malaysia has stopped producing cars because government discovered that tourism brings them more money for its people. When I was there, they found out how tourism fueled their economy.
So they prepared their country as a tourism destination. They started with their transpo system. No jeeps or multicabs for them. Only taxis, buses, and trains. No jeepneys. No multicabs. Repeat: only taxis, buses, and trains.
Atty. Largo, No. 4 of the bar exams when Atty. Dexter Lopoz was number 2, and I were once college professors there with Atty. Rene Villarente.
That’s a little background. So what do I want to drive at in this column is that Atty. Largo, together with other operators, will help the city as a tourism destination because our taxi fleet is the best in the country.
They said our taxi drivers are honest. Well I lost my brand new CP and the taxi driver did not return. I lost my wallet with my money in it and the taxi driver did not return it. But generally taxi drivers in Davao are honest.
Do our taxi drivers wear “astig” uniforms?  Or do they clean themselves decent enough to be part of our drive for tourism? No. A big no.
I do not know why operators do not insist on their drivers to wear uniform, with decent pants and shoes. They do not have to be expensive but clean and decent.
But look at them. If you take a taxi , some drivers smell acidly pungent.  Either they sleep in the taxi or they don’t take a bath. Most do not wear shoes. And their pants unwashed for days.
Operators should require their taxi drivers to conform to decent standards. Not necessary branded but cheap but clean and decent. Our taxi drivers are in the forefront of the city’s tourism drive.
I have been a taxi rider for six years after I sold my car. It is easier for me. No need to worry about parking. Or the stress of traveling. With this traffic, no need to add to the mess.
But it makes me sad, let alone disappointed, that most of our taxi drivers do not wear proper uniform.  Personnel managers should insist on their uniform
Atty. Largo help us on this with your colleagues-operators.


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