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Plain and Simple: Hate over

Open your FB and you find a glut of fake news or news invented to suit a favored candidate. You also see hate crowding the fb pages. It is as if hate is the norm of the day.

I saw this short film by USEP students about a special child Bogo, the older brother of two kids. Since Bogo is a special child, his younger brother was the one working to provide for both of them as their parents died early.
The younger brother made it his focus to care for his older brother Bogo who was challenged even in doing simple household chores. He was awkward and cannot be useful in helping basic activities like washing dishes or cooking as he inevitably breaks plates and glasses, spills water and oil. His actions and lack of motor skills coordination would be enough to lose a person’s patience.

Despite this, Bogo kept a diary. In his diary, he tells and pours all his secrets, hopes and dreams. He records his dialog in his CP which was given to him by his brother. In his diary, he is able to write his shortcomings, how he feels when he is stressed or scolded by his brother, or when he feels depressed.

It is in Bogo’s diary where he tells and pours his secrets and his hopes and dreams. He recorded his dialogue in his CP given by his brother. He goes to his diary and tells him his sins and shortcomings.


Whennhe is stress or feels scolded by his brother. Or when he feels a little depressed.

Bogo loves his young brother. When his brother sleeps on a sofa or a chair out of sheer exhaustion, Bogo makes sure his brother is comfortable.

And then one day, his brother found someone who made him smile, who created magic in him, so on the eve of the girl’s birthday, he bought her a cake. He put it inside the refrigerator so he could bring the cake to the girl in the morning.

The boy woke up late the following day as he was so tired the night before. At about 9am, he was looking forward to visit the girl but when he went to the kitchen, he saw Bogo enjoying the chocolate cake, laughing and thanking his brother for his gift.

The brother could not contain his anger. He was so fuming mad that he cursed Bogo, saying that he has sacrificed so much for him and that he could no longer continue that kind of life. He wished Bogo dead! The years of caring for Bogo, for patiently serving him unconditionally, finally came to a head. The cake was the proverbial last straw on the camel’s back.

Bogo ran outside their house while his brother was still fuming with anger. A few minutes later there was a commotion and neighbors came to their house and told him Bogo was hit by a vehicle. He rushed to the scene and saw the body of his brother bathed in blood.

Early on, before his brother woke up to find Bogo eating the cake, Bogo wrote on his diary how thankful he was to his brother for remembering his birthday. All the while he thought that the cake was for him.

For that single instant that he lost his cool, the brother had to live all his life with guilt for driving his brother away. This is really something to ponder on.


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