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Plain and Simple | Election surprises

No, I was not surprised to learn so many were disenfranchised in the last elections.

Since I gained consciousness of our political life, Comelec has never perfected the election processes. And disenfranchisement of voters has become a normal occurrence. It surprised me though that the Del Rosario’s and Floirendos and their people lost in the last elections. I couldn’t believe my eyes that Mayor Jojo Penas and his formidable team in Davao Sur was wiped out by the Cagases. This scenario is the same with the Estradas in the capital region. These and similar stories have surprised us, especially those who watched the political skirmishes of politicos.

The debacle of the old names of politicos only showed that no one should cling to power like a leech. No one is indispensable. One day you will have your fall. And you can’t cry you’re cheated. No one is indispensable. Some day you won’t be there in the pedestal of power. The people will reject you.

It is sad to know that some politicos think they own their LGUs. They think these LGUs are their turf. They think they have absolute powers. So they cling to power like leeches.

Each LGU has concerns and challenges. Each head must have the wisdom and the brilliance to address the concerns.

But how many of them are really serious in addressing concerns like proliferation of squatters. Squatter colonies are sprouting. Euphemistically we call them informal settlers. Dunno why, but this concern must be seriously addressed by LGUs.

We have to arrange our cities and towns. We have to give our people decent houses, so they can build their homes. Who was it who immortalized this, “land for every Filipino. Huwag maging squatter sa sariling bayan?

Elections are there for every Filipino to choose his leader. But leaders elected do not think of their promises. They know how to win and performance is not one of the gauge to win. Bulak gamay sa patay. Harag gamay sa soki. Bisita sa barangay ug school activity bisan way gidonate. Ok na. Daug na. Ilhan na.

But serious legislation? Nil. Serious project makahelp sa mga tao. Wala.

This is why we are surprised with the results of the last elections.


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