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Plain and Simple: Bus transit for Davao

The aircon buses serving our commuters at the peak hours summarize what every transport experts call safety and comfort.
The city, the LTFRB, and LTO know that dilapidated public utility vehicles have no place on the road serving the public. We need not underscore the dangers they create on our roads and the commuting public.
So many accidents happened involving these dilapidated PUVs. Lives have been lost which could have been avoided. But now with these buses, so many of those accidents will be avoided. Except for human error when drivers are drunk or in drugs.
We salute the leadership of the city for this. We thank the leadership for being constant in studying the traffic and transport system of the city. Slow but sure. Next, the squatting problem. The problem of homelessness. Bahay para sa lahat ng Davaoeno.


Our people do not need an expensive house in posh subdivisions. Just a roof over their heads, food on the table, and good health care. They are content with that. And they are happy to relate with each family in a well-planned low cost subdivision. If they have a house, they can transform it into a home. And when it is a home it is their life. It gives them joy, and yes the love. A house is just a house. But when a family lives there with love, then it becomes a home.
A home is created with beautiful memories. Memories give the family the strength and will to carry on, to journey despite the challenges. Home is where their hearts is. And it is the family that solidifies them in a house they own and transform.
This is why we can’t understand why Pag-ibig forecloses houses depriving families of the memories they created in those houses. Pag-ibig can foreclose those houses, but not the memories of a family. By foreclosing those houses Pag-ibig forecloses the family memories in those days they stayed in those houses.
Some cannot pay because one member of the family is out of job. Or is threatened with sickness needing a huge budget. But the last thing they give up is their house. They may not be able to pay their monthly amortization now, but they will in due time. You know why? Because the house is a huge part of the memory that give them life and joy.
By foreclosing them, you are hurting the family that lives there. And sad that the agency calls itself Pag-ibig, a word which means love until it hurts. Extend your understanding, stretch it for the love of a family. Believe me, they will make it a priority, if not for a life threatening situation.
So many squatters, but government is taking care of them. They are relocated and given houses so they can live decently. Ironical, those families may have houses from Pag-ibig but if they miss paying their monthly amortization, their houses are foreclosed.
Pag-ibig should look into this. After all Pag-ibig means love. And love goes beyond to serve a loved one.


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