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Plain and Simple: A daughter of my students

Yes, this new lawyer, a graduate of ADMU law school, is the daughter of my former students in San Pedro College.

Her name is Eloize Angeli Milana Dayanghirang, a graduate of ADMU law school, a Davaoeño from the Dayanghirang clan, and a masscom graduate of ADDU.

Her parents are Embing Dayanghirang, the best point guard of San Pedro College varsity and Apet Milana Dayanghirang. Apet is a medical doctor, the younger sister of Dr Joseph Milana, the first Summa Cum Laude of San Pedro College.

Many things have changed since I left San Pedro to teach in other schools. I never even thought that Embing and Apet would meet and find each other.  But destiny has a way of revealing itself. He made sure Embing and Apet would find each other.

One of their daughters was one of the best volleyball players in Davao. But Angeli, while in love with sports, pursued another path. She went to study law in ADMU.

While in school in Manila, Angeli went with her friends to do advocacy work among the IPs in Luzon. Angeli’s heart beats for the IP because she herself belongs to Davaowenyos of Davao Oriental. Her Tito is the governor of the province, Gov Nelson Dayanghirang. Another Tito is the Mayor of Mabini, Compostela Valley.

Danny Dayanghirang, a councilor of Davao City, is also his Tito. Danny is the first cousin of Embing, Angel’s father.

Angel belongs to the clan that eats and sleeps politics. Gov. Douglas Cagas is a Lolo of the Ralota clan. Her lola belongs to the Ralota Milana clan.

No wonder Angel’s study and thesis is on politics, leadership and governance.  But studying law is basically about good governance, politics and leadership. For this, she is into so many advocacies.

Though young, Angel is only 26 and she has been involved in many advocacies about people helping themselves. No wonder she is involved with studying the housing problem of the country. With friends in ADMU she wants to build houses for our homeless countrymen.

This is where she got her involvement in the BAHAY partylist. While she did not have the illusion of solving fully the housing backlog of the country, she could make a difference especially by creating communities.

Right now she takes care of ensuring a good campaign strategy for BAHAY partylist especially with the number of partylist in the country.  She has good dependable campaign coordinators in the ground.

While being the campaign manager of BAHAY partylist, Angeli was also waiting for the result of the BAR exams. She asked her friends and coordinators to pray that she would make it.

After a long and grueling wait, on May 3, 2019, Angeli was one of those who passed the BAR. She told us she had mixed emotions after learning that she passed the BAR.

This is the same her father had. Mixed feelings. We put so much premium of being a lawyer and a doctor.

For Angeli this column is for you. And to others who burned their midnight candle to pass the law exams.


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