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OFF to School: Safeguarding schools and students from dengue threat

MANILA – According to the DOH’s latest epidemic-prone disease case surveillance report, 72,333 dengue cases and 249 deaths were recorded the highest from January to June 17, 2023, which is 14 percent higher than the 63,526 cases in 2022. Due to the rising cases, DOH emphasized that the public should be more careful against mosquito-borne diseases and proactive measures are essential, especially in schools.

Dengue-carrying mosquitos breed in stagnant water, making schools a potential breeding ground for infestations. The crowded nature of classrooms, common areas, and outdoor spaces makes it imperative to implement effective measures to protect students from mosquito bites and the subsequent risk of dengue. SC Johnson through OFF, a trusted mosquito repellent brand in the country, has taken on the responsibility of partnering with 63 public and private schools in NCR and CALABARZON to strengthen their dengue prevention efforts.

“As part of our program to safeguard our students from any harm brought by these dengue-carrying mosquitos, we coordinate closely with our city health unit and our community here in San Juan. We established a dengue task force to search and eliminate breeding sites of mosquitos, install nets on the windows of classrooms, as well as maintain cleanliness. We are happy that OFF took part in this initiative by giving our schools insect repellent products that are very useful to drive off mosquitos and sponsoring educational tools to aid us in our fight against dengue,” said Michelle Abraham, SDO San Juan City Nurse.

OFF’s commitment to providing a safer and healthier learning environment is exemplified through its collaboration with educational institutions. One of OFF’s initiatives includes sponsoring plenary sessions on dengue prevention. The brand has also taken a proactive approach by providing dengue prevention tips through the installation of posters and infographics on school premises. These initiatives serve as powerful tools for clear and concise information dissemination to educate the community with practical prevention tips.

“We always make sure that our schools in Las Pinas are equipped with different mechanisms to fight the occurrence of dengue. We have a health unit that implements different dengue campaigns. And now, with our partners, OFF and SMS Philippines, our dengue preventive measures are strengthened and sustained. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to public health and safety in schools. Through this, we were able to equip not just our teachers and school staff, but the students and parents as well,” affirmed Reginald P. Villacorta, SDO Las Pinas senior education specialist

As part of its mission to achieve a dengue-free country, OFF extends to the broader community. By engaging with parents, teachers, and local stakeholders, the brand advocates for a collective effort in combating this epidemic, ensuring the health and well-being of students is paramount.

“As parents, we want our kids to be safe and protected, so every time there is a call for volunteers in our school, we really take part. We help clean the school, especially the garden where mosquitoes are possibly breeding. I am also glad that OFF visited our school to help us destroy dengue. Thank you, OFF, for keeping our kids protected even outside our home,” said Marilou Pajarilla, PES grade 1 parent

Through all these efforts, OFF contributes to breaking down barriers to education. Health-related issues, often overlooked, can be significant obstacles to regular school attendance and active participation in the learning process of students. By providing them with proper tools and resources to combat dengue, students and teachers will have a conducive dengue-free environment for continuous and uninterrupted education. Through this partnership, schools become not only educational institutions but also bastions of health, actively working towards a future where students can learn and thrive.



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