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NIGHT TO SHINE 2024: Redefining Valentine’s Day Celebration

ACCORDING to a recent survey by Social Weather Survey (SWS), Filipinos’ most common Valentine’s Day wishes are money, love, and flowers. But beyond these usual desires, some communities celebrate love differently. 

Tebow CURE Children’s Hospital (Tebow CURE) is an example of this as they show love by hosting the Night to Shine event for teens with special needs every Valentine’s Day week for seven years.

“Night to Shine,” an event sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, is an unforgettable prom night with a Christian-centered approach to love for teens with special needs. Held at The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites in Davao City on February 10, 2024,150 volunteers gathered from both church and non-government organizations, such as Global Impact, and staff from the Tebow CURE, to celebrate 50 teens with special needs from Davao City and neighboring areas. This included 40 individuals with orthopedic and cleft conditions treated at the Tebow CURE Children’s Hospital and 10 guests from the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc (DSAPI).

The prom made sure all guests felt like royalty. Thanks to the kindness of Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc. and Joyce Burton-Titular, Former Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1985, along with her beauty queen and fashion designer friends from Luzon, gave gowns and polos to guests for free. The Davao-renowned makeup artist Rodni Varquez and his team pampered the guests, giving them a glamorous look.

A grand red carpet entrance awaited the guests, creating a special moment for children like Glaisa, a patient undergoing treatment for bilateral clubfoot at Tebow CURE Children’s Hospital. The event meant a lot to her, and she shared, “This is a dream come true for me that I walked down the red carpet and attended a prom. God has blessed me, showing His great love. Even though I am a sinner, He forgave me and allowed me to experience healing.”

Gerly, one of the patients treated at Tebow CURE, is celebrated as she walks down the red carpet.

A strategic approach was taken to connect guests with special needs to local churches for ongoing discipleship. Churches affiliated with the Davao Region Evangelical Association of Ministers (DREAM) played a crucial role, acting as church buddies, and involving 16 churches in the process.

Joyce Burton-Titular then shared a heartwarming message to the attendees about how God’s love is inclusive and extends to people with special needs. “God loves and chooses beyond the physical. He chooses the clubfoot, He chooses the cleft, He chooses the broken, He chooses the lonely, He chooses all of you here right now…”

The event also spotlighted the diverse talents and gifts of individuals with special needs. Visually impaired college students from Holy Cross of Davao College delivered a rendition of the doxology and national anthem; teens from the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. (DSAPI) took part in the entertainment, showcasing a tribal dance. Adding to the heartfelt moments, Beby Jane, a patient undergoing treatment for a severe limb deformity at Tebow CURE, moved the audience by

singing the worship song “Goodness of God” in Cebuano, talking about God’s great love. The guests also enjoyed dinner with song numbers from Nor Rayray and Luzmil Zacal.

A video message from Tim and Demi Tebow was featured, reminding guests of their identity and value: “You are one of God’s greatest creations, and Jesus is God’s greatest gift to [you]. [You’re] so loved that God gave His son for [you]. Let your light shine because you are a royalty, because you are so loved,  because you are a VIP.” The event ended with guests receiving crowns and tiaras, enjoying dancing, and taking home party favors as mementos from the celebration.

The Night to Shine in Davao City became an extraordinary success thanks to the generosity of other co-sponsors and donors, including Seeds of Dignity Ministries, Inc., Gadol Foundation, ECCO Hardware, Intercessors for the Philippines, Inc., Christ, The Living Stone Fellowship, Inc., Market Square Solutions, Inc., and Cocolife.

To find out how you can support Tebow CURE Children’s Hospital and help children with treatable conditions, you may reach out to our Donor Relations Office through the following channels:, 0946 658 1510, and (082) 224 6048 ext. 414.


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