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My Turn | Water, Anyone?





WE take for granted the healing power of water. Consumer reports are concerned about this because the human body is 60% water.
It’s the main ingredient of our blood which keeps our brain, heart, kidney another organs functioning.
Generally, men need (16) 8 ounces glasses a day while women about eleven glasses a day. It also depends on your size, weight, activity level and the weather. The hotter it is the more water you need. Water found in foods and beverages also count toward the total. Water is one of the best medicine nature gives; it is free and available 24/7.
Consumer Reports says there are eight points to consider about the goodness of water:
1.Prevents headache, Dehydration can trigger headaches and drinking can help cure one.
2.Fights a fever. If you have fever, sponge baths and drinking lots of water can limit the rise of your body temperature, when taken together with fever reduction medicine.
3.Lessen heart stress. Good hydration increases the volume of blood in your arteries, which means fewer heartbeats is needed to transport blood around your body so it is less taxing on the heart muscle itself.
4.Control appetite. Drinking water before a meal can make you feel full without any calories and help prevent overeating.
5.Enhances your mood. Experts aren’t exactly sure why but research show that people who are well hydrated tend to be in our better mood.
6.Keep your cool. Staying hydrated help you sweat more which is essential for cooling down your body on hot days or after exercise (jogging, ball sports, cycling etc.) and help avoid heat stroke.
7.Up your game. Hydrated runners possibly because they remove lactic acid more quickly.
8.Healthy flush. Sufficient water in your body helps ensures that your digestive tract has enough fluid to remove waste.
Walking, jogging, running from 5 to 7 am is safe. After 7 a.m. the sun is already hot. Doing this from 4 to 5 pm is a no-no , especially for senior citizens, since it is still hot, the “singaw” from the cement roads, buildings, vehicles, people taken together is “kuyaw”.
Agua, si Agua de caliente, no! Agua de pataranta Si! Kampai!


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