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MY TURN | The Little Angel





ONCE upon a time, there was a baby angel. After many years, she was still small while her companion baby angels became bigger. She can fly, shine brighter as a star, and sing more beautifully but she was always left behind.

One day, Archangel Gabriel said the biggest angel will be the star to guide the three wise men to where baby Jesus will be born.

The little angel cried.

When asked by Archangel Gabriel why, she said, “I feel useless. I am so small I cannot catch up with the others.”

Archangel Gabriel said, “Don’t cry because you have a very special work when baby Jesus is born.”

Every day she kept praying and preparing for her work. But nothing happened. She became sad and cried again.

Then one day, Archangel Gabriel told the little angel, “Tonight, baby Jesus will be born in a manger which is dark. You will be light. Shine as bright as you can so that the shepherds far away will see your light and will go to see baby Jesus.”

The little angel answered, “But I am so small and my light is so mall.”

Archangel Gabriel laughed and said, “I know you have been practicing every day preparing to be called. You have a very strong faith so God will help you.”

The little angel flew to the manger and became a bright star that shone in the manger and in the whole countryside.

As she shone brightly, Archangel Gabriel asked her to sing. And she sang, “Glory to God in the Highest and peace on earth to people of goodwill,” so that the world will know that God sent his son to save all mankind.

She sang so beautifully and the other angels joined her in singing. The shepherds in the field were in awe with what they heard and saw and so were able to find the baby Jesus in the manger.

The next day, the little angel returned to heaven very tired. The angels and all in heaven clapped and cheered as she came in. They thanked her for doing a very good job. Later, the little angel was made the guardian angel of baby Jesus.


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