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MY TURN: COVID 19 thoughts

THE local, national and international press say everyday that more than 50 drugs, pharmaceuticals firms,medical laboratories worldwide are feverishly working on COVID 19 vaccines. They expect it to come out by November. They also say by the middle of 2021 most of the earth’s 8 billion people will be vaccinated.

Everyone is so happy that some are already planning to re-open their businesses or to increase production. I think something is missing in these announcements.

The press heads of nations scientists, world agencies and leaders like the World Health Organization (WHO) United Nations (UN), World Bank, Asian Development Bank talk as if a November vaccine is a sure thing. It is one thing If we ask the Lord’s help in finding a vaccine for mercy to protect us from the COVID to pray for those who are sick or have died because of COVID. I noticed that not one among the press people and those they interviewed promised their assurances with this line “With God’s help, kindness,mercy graciousness, inspiration, we will have a vaccine. God is never mentioned in all the TV, radio programs regarding Coronavirus.” It is as if we can do it without His guidance. Fortunately, since March 22 Pope Francis has ordered all the faithful worldwide to ask for the Lord’s protection from COVID and to help us look for cures.

His plea is called Oratio Imperata literally ordering all the faithful to recite in all masses, novenas services which are celebrated every day this call for mercy and protection. I believe the Lord will listen and answer our pleas. In the Bible, the Lord said you did not choose me. I choose you to go and bear fruit.

This powerful inspiring message means he will listen and help if we admit our faults, beg forgiveness and atone for our sins. We must also do our part. He will surely do his part because he chose us as his children. The world will lose nothing by humbly admitting that with the Lord help, we will surely have a COVID vaccine.

We seniors buy more medicine than other age groups so it is better to be systematic. 1. Take advantage of drugstores discounts. Ask the Botica staff if they have a discount program. Then ask for a list or write down these programs and the savings.

Remember that money spent on the discount programs doesn’t go toward your insurance deductible. 2. Ask your doctor “How much does this drug cost?” Generally doctors do not discuss the cost of a drug with their patient. The doctor can and should tell you and maybe help you find a generic alternative which is more affordable 3. Don’t assume that using your insurance in paying for the drug is the cheapest. The American National Community Pharmacists Association found out that many of their members know of the “clawback” where the price the insurer makes the pharmacy charge you is more than the pharmacy’s normal rental price. That way, the insurer can justify the higher or the increased premium against you. 4. As your doctor if you can stop taking any of the 5 or 10 daily pills.

A 2017 America National survey shows that when asked by the patient, 71% percent of the cases the doctor removed at least one drug.


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