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LTFRB XI intensifies operations on overcharging, colorum

By Princess Lacorte/AdDU Intern

Photo by: Gabrielle Ariadne Aguilar/AdDU Intern


THE LAND Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board will intensify its operations to clamp down on overcharging and colorum violations in Davao Region. 

LTFRB XI admin officer Mizarah Arraz said during the ISpeak forum on May 11 that their enforcers are religiously conducting weekly monitoring of areas where overcharging complaints are rampant. 

He said they recorded 65 total apprehensions in the region, most of which come from Davao City. However, the agency could not provide how many of these involved overcharging. 

Overcharging drivers face a fine no lower than P5,000. Fortunately, he said none of the violations reached the third offence, which warranted a franchise cancellation. 

She further shared that taxi and public utility jeepney drivers were found to be the usual violators of overcharging. Toril and Calinan routes were singled out as areas where overcharging complaints were prevalent.

On the other hand, the LTFRB’s anti-colorum campaign has apprehended 180 total units, 29 of which are under the agency’s custody. Seven of these 29 units were recorded this year.

Colorum violations were reported to be typically committed outside Davao City, where the usual violators are private vehicles operating as public utility vehicles.

Arraz repeated the equivalent penalties for colorum vehicle operators: P50,000 for PUJs, P120,000 for taxis, P200,000 for vans, and P1 million for buses.


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