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Lifebuoy promotes healthy habits among students on Global Handwashing Day

MANILA, Philippines – Global Handwashing Day is an annual celebration dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of the importance of proper handwashing in preventing contagious diseases. In support of this event, Lifebuoy created a program focused on promoting proper handwashing and hygiene practices among the students, parents, and teachers under the Schools Division Office of Taguig City. This year’s event, which took place at Kapt. Jose Cardones Integrated School focused on why it is essential to celebrate Global Handwashing Day in schools, as well as the necessity of instilling healthy habits in children at an early age.

“WINS stands for Wash in Schools, which is also a part of the Sustainable Development Goal Framework that recognizes the basic right of children to have access to basic sanitation. This is why we are grateful that Lifebuoy sponsored this Global Handwashing Event for our students and parents,” said Pauline Duran, WINS program coordinator

During the event, Lifebuoy soaps were distributed to all attending students, parents, and teachers, which equipped them with the necessary tools to practice good handwashing. The demonstration by Lifebuoy showcased the five key steps to effective handwashing:

1. Rubbing of palms together; (Friendship)
2. Interlacing of fingers to clean between them thoroughly; (Fighting)
3. Washing of knuckles; (Crocodile)
4. Washing around the thumbs; (Butterfly) and
5. Washing the tips of fingers. (Turn the Key)

This practical demonstration made it clear that proper handwashing is a simple yet highly effective way to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses.

“Lifebuoy’s partnership with schools underscores our unwavering commitment to making hygiene accessible for every Filipino. Together, we empower the young generation with the right tools and knowledge to ensure a healthier life – one clean hand at a time,” affirmed Anthony Chiang, Lifebuoy business performance manager.

Also present at the event was Dr. Joanna Lissa F. Payuran-Gatchalian, a board-certified pediatrician, who delivered an enlightening talk on the significance of proper handwashing and the occasions when it is crucial. Her expert insights shed light on the importance of washing hands before and after meals, after returning from outside, after cleaning activities, after bathroom use, and after outdoor playtime. Dr. Gatchalian also emphasized the critical role that early education plays in maintaining good hand hygiene.

Dr. Romeo O. Olalo, the Principal III of Kapt. Jose Cardones Integrated School, expressed their gratitude to Lifebuoy for their commitment to fostering good hygiene practices among students. “Our young learners are the future, and it is our responsibility to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to be strong and healthy. We appreciate the efforts of Lifebuoy for taking the lead in this endeavor.”

Lifebuoy remains dedicated to promoting healthy handwashing habits across the globe, as part of their mission to make hand hygiene readily accessible and understood by all. By reaching out to the youngest members of the Filipino community, they aim to instill lifelong practices that will contribute to a healthier and more prosperous society.


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